Strategies for Success

The courses in the Strategies for Success (SFS) series at Lake Land College were developed to assist students in learning skills to achieve their goals in college and life. The success series contains three 2-credit hour courses to facilitate student achievement of current and future goals.

Success courses are college level options for any student that wants a formalized way to explore methods to improve life fulfillment and successfully achieve your dreams.

Topics Covered

  • Defining success
  • Goal setting and dream achievement
  • Learning styles
  • Time management skills
  • Memory enhancement
  • Reading and writing tips
  • Taking notes and testing skills
  • How to study when others need you
  • Diversity, relationships, and socialization
  • Professional communication
  • Career exploration, creating plans, and conducting research
  • Money
  • Stress
  • Wellness
  • Consumer strategies
  • Evaluating choices and making decisions
  • Financial statements and budgets
  • Insurance and investments
  • Taxes and tax planning
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Actionable and successful life planning

Strategies for Success (SFS 101)

Strategies for Success (SFS 101) is designed to improve student performance in college and beyond. This 2-credit hour elective course will count toward graduation from most programs at Lake Land College and should transfer to most four-year colleges. The course involves a variety of learning experiences, including group discussions, guest speakers, individual instructor appointments, informational videos, lecture, and projects, along with a variety of career guidance and research tools.

Strategies for Money Management (SFS 102)

Strategies for Money Management (SFS 102) is a 2-credit hour course designed to assist students in learning financial skills through improving their personal financial planning and cultivating budgeting techniques.

Life Strategies (SFS 103)

Life Strategies (SFS 103) is a 2-credit hour course designed to prepare students for life after Lake Land College. This course will assist students in furthering the development of critical thinking skills. Students will learn effective methods to pursue their life goals and will create an actionable life plan. Enhance those next steps of your life with this course for life success.

Testimonials from Former Students

“I liked this class very much. It made me go back to good study habits that I used in high school because they were beneficial. This class has taught me to stop waiting until the day an assignment is due to turn it in because all it does is put stress on me. […]  I think this class should be mandatory for everyone to take, even if they don’t need it because it can help tackle problems that one may face in the future.” – Schawana J., Fall 2018 SFS101 student

“I believe what has worked out best, for me personally, in this course is the self-awareness and reflection. Taking a look at how I learn, what works, what doesn’t has helped me to think about new ways to move forward in all of my classes, not just this one. This course has somewhat encompassed how I am as a person in life in general, not just as a college student and that has been nice. It’s not your typical college course, by any means, but it definitely has its benefits and I think that all new students should be taking this course and in their first semester as a requirement. It was the least stressful of all of my classes and was very informational.” JK, Spring 2016 SFS 101 student

“I think [the course] it is setup so anyone if they tried could be successful in this class. I really like the memorization part of this course. Trying to connect information with a memory really has helped my test grades go up. I also thought writing down our life goals was inspirational!!! We all know somewhat of a plan/life style type we want, but seeing my aspirations actually written down made me feel excited for what the future may bring.” U. Reed, Spring 2018 SFS 101 student