International Student Club & Buddy Program

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International Student Club

The International Student Club organizes and supports cultural, social and sportive activities representing its members who are from diverse countries. The International Student Club focuses on helping international and exchange students integrate into their new school, student body, and community by providing endless opportunities to enrich their living and learning experience while studying at Lake Land.

Club activities consist of:

  1. Trips, events, and activities which give all local and international students a platform to socialize, learn, and have fun in a friendly and inclusive environment
  2. Community service and volunteer activities
  3. Organization and participation in campus events involving international themes and culture

Lake Land students wishing to join this club to connect with international students should contact the International Studies Office.

International Buddy Program

Through our International Buddy program, international students are paired with domestic students to engage in culture sharing activities. International Buddy is open to any current Lake Land student interested in learning about diverse culture and making international student connections. Its purpose is to bring together students from abroad and local students for mutual friendship and support and for intercultural exchange and understanding.

Get matched with an international friend

Students are paired at the beginning of each semester. Partners are matched primarily by age, gender (same-sex), interests, and languages spoken. If you have a particular country or language preference for your partner, we will try to accommodate but cannot guarantee your preference.

Meeting activities

Partners are encouraged to:

  • Get together at least once a week during a semester
  • Contact each other by phone or email at least once every two weeks

Partner activities may include:

  • Movies
  • Shopping
  • Going to the gym
  • Going out for coffee or ice cream
  • Out of town trips, local events or outdoor activities

International Buddy Program is not designed to require a high level of commitment from students but, rather, offers a light structure of events and resources upon which to grow initial acquaintances into friendships that may go well beyond the one semester for which this program is designed.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the International Buddy Program has been put on hold until further notice.