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Lake Land College recognizes students at annual banquet

Posted on May 24, 2018

Lake Land College honored outstanding students at the annual Student Recognition Banquet. Pictured left to right, back row: Graeme Stewart, Arthur, Technology Division; Cody Borntreger, Oakland, Humanities and Communications Division; Caleb Abernathy, Neoga, Business Division. Front row, left to right: Megan Winchester, Lerna, Allied Health Division; Amber Tegeler, Paris, Social Sciences and Education Division.

Lake Land College recently honored students at the annual Student Recognition Banquet hosted by the Student Government Association.

Students were recognized for their academic achievements, elected offices and organizational roles for the academic year.

Seven students received the Outstanding Student Award for their academic division. The awards are given to a student from each academic division who has displayed excellence within his/her division as well as contributed to Lake Land College and the community.

The Outstanding Award Recipients include: Cody Borntreger, Oakland, Humanities and Communications Division; Amber Tegeler, Paris, Social Sciences and Education Division; Graeme Stewart, Arthur, Technology Division; Maddison Caldwell, Elmwood, Agriculture Division; Jed Boyer, Mattoon, Math and Science Division; Caleb Abernathy, Neoga, Business Division and Megan Winchester, Lerna, Allied Health Division.

The criteria of the award include: graduation from a program with 30 or more hours during the 2017-2018 academic year, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, outstanding contributions to the division and outstanding contributions to Lake Land College and the community.

The following students were also recognized for their participation in the organizations listed:

Student Representative to the Board of Trustees

Charles Meaker, Mattoon, 2017-2018 representative


4.0 GPA

Caleb J. Abernathy, Neoga

Jamiu A. Amusa, Charleston

Faron Z. Bartens, Newton

Tuesday A. Baumiller, Charleston

Savannah N. Birch, Bethany

Jessica J. Blazich, Neoga

Kelsey S. Bloemker, Effingham

Jed Boyer, Mattoon

Corey J. Callison, Charleston

Nathan Carpenter, Mattoon

Krystyn M. Fitch, Brownstown

Emily N. Galbreath, Charleston

Landon C. Gingerich, Arthur

Joshua R. Graves, Effingham

Alex J. Grove, Decatur

Levi Jones, Effingham

Lauren R. Keck, Neoga

Dalton Kemper, Teutopolis

Timothy D. Kremitzki, Paris

Jenna M. Lawson, Paris

Logan D. Malcome, Neoga

Cole Marxman, Effingham

Jenna M. Maulding, Mattoon

Adam J. Mayhaus, Edgewood

Tracey McCutcheon, Hutsonville

Molly J. McElwee, Mattoon

Lauren M. Mersman, Effingham

Christian Miles, Pana

Nicole L. Miller, Findlay

Blair K. Monroe, Bethany

Kristen B. Morlen, Mattoon

Derrick J. Osborn, Tower Hill

Jenna L. Parrott, Toledo

Cody Parsons, Charleston

Kaitlyn M. Pearson, Mattoon

Emma Pierce, Flora

Olivia Reimer, Shelbyville

Alexander L. Rhine, Mattoon

Maggie M. Roberts, Hume

Walter S. Robison, Toledo

Eve Roosevelt, Ellery

Brandon Schubert, Jewett

Carmen P. Smith, Mattoon

Sidney L. Smith, Mattoon

Stacey C. Smithenry, Newton

Cathy M. Sowa, Valdosta, Ga.

Erica Swisher, Newton

Luke M. Thomas, Mattoon

Lowell S. Townsend, Mattoon

Gael M. Tshilombo, Mattoon

Mathew Weber, Teutopolis

Alyssa R. Weidner, Mattoon

Chelsey N. Wilkins, Casey

Christina L. Welker, Clay City


Student Ambassadors

Autumn Brandenburg, Casey

Maddison Taylor Caldwell, Mattoon & Elmwood

Maddie Fugate, Mattoon

Carson Leigh Goff, Mattoon

Danelle Helton, Shelbyville

Sterling Howard, Windsor

Lily Laatsch, Altamont

Karla Madden, Mattoon

Charles J. Meaker, Mattoon

Ashley Miller, Mattoon

Tessa Philpot, St. Elmo

Sidney Smith, Mattoon

Olivia Telgmann, Strasburg

Eric Wolff, Effingham



Editor-in-Chief: Derby Roan, Sigel

Managing Editor: Zoe Donovan, Windsor

Business Manager: Abigail Buenker, Effingham

Designer:  Lilly Ames, Greenup

Multimedia Manager:  Catrina Oberfeldt, Dieterich

Reporter: Ethan Neal, Windsor

Reporter:  Will Starwalt, Effingham

Archivist/Distributor:  Cedric Peoples, Mattoon


Student Activity Board

Chayli Blackwell, Pana, Chairperson

Aubrey Puckett, Pana, Vice Chairperson

Bailey Boswell, Pana, Secretary

Lauren Merrifield, Pana, Treasurer

Nick Esslinger, Strasburg, Co-Marketing

Carrie Ann Dilley, Cowden, Co-Marketing

Elixa Enriquez, Effingham

Ross Lynch, Pana

Alyson Houchins, Mattoon

Becky (Hsin-Hui) Huank, Mattoon

Rayanna Mboma, Mattoon

Gael Tshilombo, Mattoon

Raissa Tshilombo, Mattoon

Russel Tshilombo, Mattoon


Student Government Association

Brock Hammond, Shelbyville, President

Lacie Butler, Mattoon, Vice President

Christian Dolan, Mattoon, Secretary

Eunice Nzuka, Mattoon, Treasurer

Chipman Schmidt, Effingham, Public Info Officer

Mazi Walker, Mattoon, Public Info Officer

Macy Davidson, Marshall

Taylor Davidson, Marshall

Cole Keller, Effingham

Grace Mauck, Sullivan

Charles Meaker, Mattoon

Geonel Moluba, Mattoon

Tessa Philpot, St. Elmo

Emily Stutzman, Arthur

Megan Woodruff, Charleston

Lake Land College recognizes new dental hygienists at pinning ceremony

Posted on May 23, 2018

Lake Land College dental hygiene graduates received their pins at the annual pinning ceremony.

Several students received scholarships or awards during the ceremony.

Sydney Niemann received the Linda Lee Fletcher Scholarship earlier this year. Larissa Grove received the Colgate Student Total Achievement Recognition (STAR) Award, which is offered to a graduating student who shows excellence and commitment to the hygiene profession by demonstrating true dedication to the profession, exhibiting extraordinary compassion in patient care, displaying enthusiasm and follow-through for community service, and demonstrating outstanding patient education and motivation skills. Grove also received the Best Dental Hygienist Award, which was voted on by students in the program.

Savannah Thomas received the Golden Scaler Award for demonstrating advanced skills in instrumentation. Maci Kyger received the Proctor and Gamble Preventive Dentistry Award for demonstrating the best patient education.

Kyger and Niemann were also inducted into Sigma Phi Alpha Dental Hygiene Society.

During the ceremony the following students were honored: Brittani Chamberlain, Terre Haute, Ind.; Alyxis Coon, Oakwood; Mikaela Cox, Dieterich; Jordon Fulford, Pana; Larissa Grove, Strasburg; Kelsey Guyer, Neoga; Alexis Halbrook, Shelbyville; Hannah Hyde, Robinson; Chelsy Julian, Newton; Bridget Kennedy, Terre Haute, Ind.; Katie Kochan, Custer Park; Maci Kyger, Attica, Ind.; Sydney Niemann, Hillsboro; Amanda Price, Auburn; Kelly Schroeder, Charleston; Nicole Sessler, Oakwood Hills; Rachelle Sessler, Lockport; Kelley Stanley, Indianapolis, Ind.; Zoe Stewart, Charleston; Savannah Thomas, Mattoon; and Trista Williams, Shelbyville.

Dental Hygiene is a special admission program at Lake Land College. The program prepares students with specialized skills necessary for employment as a dental hygienist. Emphasis is on dental hygiene treatment and on the hygienist’s abilities as a dental health educator. The hygienist’s services are sought by dentists, schools, prisons, hospitals, departments of health and industry. The dental hygiene program is fully accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Lake Land College honors nurses at annual pinning ceremony

Posted on May 21, 2018

At the 2018 Lake Land College Associate Degree in Nursing Pinning Ceremony, graduating nurses received their pins.

Megan Winchester, Lerna, received the Marilyn Fuqua Thompson Nursing Award, which is given each year to a graduating student who is considered to be the all-around best student in the class and is voted on by faculty.  The student must be professionally superior and morally responsible, be capable of making wise decisions, be compassionate and caring, be dedicated and possess common sense and a strong scientific knowledge base, demonstrate superior technical skills, possess superior communication skills and composure, often in crises situations. Winchester’s name will be engraved on a plaque that is located in the nursing skills lab in Neal Hall.

Briana Gour, Herrick, and Ryan Johnson, Charleston, received the Associate Degree Nursing Peer Award. These students are chosen because of their clinical and scholastic performance, willingness to help other students, professionalism, maturity and spirit.  The award is characterized by a true team player, who also is considered a leader. The recipients of this award were chosen by fellow nursing students.

Aliya Schutte, Neoga, received the award for Clinical Excellence and Bryan Russell, Mattoon, received the award for Client Advocate.

For serving as a positive representative of the ADN program student liaisons, Megan Winchester, Lerna, and Sarah Raddatz, Effingham, received Certificates of Recognition.

Tuesday Baumiller, Charleston, received the Academic Achievement Certificate for earning a 4.0 GPA throughout the program.

The following students received their pins at the ceremony:


Name Hometown
Alex Aitken Oakland
Kylee Blake Effingham
Morgan Breer Teutopolis
Randy Carpenter Brownstown
Paige Conner Altamont
Hannah Dallmier Effingham
Ana Evans Charleston
Ashley Fancher Edgewood
Tiffany Gilbert St Elmo
Erin Goeckner Effingham
Briana Gour Herrick
Lauren Heuerman Teutopolis
Lauren Horn Effingham
Amanda Koester Watson
Madason Ledbetter St Elmo
Devin Olmstead Neoga
Meghann Pruemer Effingham
Sarah Raddatz Effingham
Julia Roberts Farina
Kristi Skelley Shelbyville
Karine Tappendorf Altamont
Cheyenne Timman Toledo
Molly Warfel Dieterich
Kylee Whitehurst Newton
Jaden Zumbahlen Altamont


Kelly Adams Pana
Nicole Barnes Mattoon
Lacee Beabout Charleston
Ashley Butler Mattoon
Krista Carver Sullivan
Courtney Cole Windsor
Abby Coleman-Russell Pana
Sarah Curry Mattoon
Jami Devall Greenup
Kamryn Drake Charleston
Macey Goad Arcola
Mallori Harshman Neoga
Ryan Johnson Charleston
Erin Kinsel Charleston
Katlyn Lane Dieterich
Mychal McAllister Effingham
Tiffani McCormick Dennison
Brett Poorman Sullivan
Evalena Pullen Mattoon
Erin Risley Windsor
Bryan Russell Mattoon
Marissa Showalter Mattoon
Garrett Storm Charleston
Miranda Upton Westfield


Layney Askins Pana
Tuesday Baumiller Charleston
Mathew Blount Oakland
McKenzie Brewer Westfield
Amanda Clements Pana
Lisa Edwards Pana
Angel Hall Ashmore
Tayelar Hayes Casey
Derek Hayse Arthur
Brittany Herring Neoga
Emily Lee Westfield
Ami Meyer Oakland
Rachelle Miller Shelbyville
Keshia Newton Shelbyville
Amber Potter Neoga
Jacqueline Rainey Charleston
Amy Rhoades Herrick
Jordan Rhodes Pana
Aliya Schutte Neoga
Peyton Sledge Charleston
Grace Upton Neoga
Ashley Webb Mattoon
Lauren Wellbaum Greenup
Megan Winchester Lerna
Alison Wood Paris


Lake Land College Foundation Honors Donors at Annual Reception

Posted on May 15, 2018

The Lake Land College Foundation recognized donors for lifetime giving at the annual Donor Reception on April 12.

“Our donors are the core of the Lake Land College Foundation,” said Jackie Joines, executive director for college advancement. “The Lake Land College Foundation is fortunate to have so many passionate investors who believe in the value of a Lake Land education. We are honored this evening to recognize this special group who over the years have had a significant positive impact on the lives of our students.”

The following people and organizations were recognized:

Bob and Joyce Adcock, Grunloh Construction Inc. and Heartland Dental, LLC were recognized in the President’s Silver Council for contributions of $100,000 and above.

First National Bank of Pana was recognized in the Leadership Guild for contributions of $50,000 to $99,999.

CTS Control Technology & Solutions, Steve & Debbie Benefiel, Roger & Janet Mead, Gerry & Cheryl Conlin, Robbin Schwartz and S & K Air Power Tool & Supply were recognized in the Trustee’s Guild for contributions of $25,000 to $49,999.

Ron Harshman, James & Lisa Hickman, Hydro-Gear, Jack & Jennifer Jansen, John Wade, Larry & Lisa Micenheimer, Richard Green Company Inc., First Federal Savings and Loan, Dave & Debra Storm, Jeff & Tina Stovall were recognized in the Educator’s Guild for contributions of $10,000 to $24,999.

Bolin Enterprises Inc., Bryan & Krista Burrell, Josh & Jennifer Bullock, Jeff & Karin Edwards, Mike & Jackie Joines, Lakeland Apartments, Susan Leach, David & Dawn Ligon, Scott Drone-Silvers, Paul & Christine McKillip, Preston Smith, Johnstons Supermarkets Inc. and Monahan Partners were recognized in the Scholar’s Club for contributions of $5,000 to $9,999.

Jon & Lara Althaus, Sidney & Florence Banwart, John Bohannon, CF & H Insurance Agency Inc., Brad & Connie Compton, Craig Cunningham, Diamond Brothers Insurance, Effingham Chamber of Commerce, The Equity, Terry Elston, Larry Gutzler, Joel Hastings, Dr. William & Debbie Havlik, Rudy & Linda Huber, John Deere, Sabrina Kile, Kevin & Christine Kramer, Gary Lee, the family of Rose Lundquist, Maria Nohren, Tom & Salisa Olmsted, Owen Motor Sports Inc., Kelly Pierce, Jamie & Chris Pilson, Emma Rabe, Sara Reed, Yvonne Schroeder, Greg Thompson and Willoughby Sales were recognized in the Faculty Club for contributions of $1,000 and up.

Lake Land College recognizes donors, scholarship recipients at annual Foundation Scholarship Reception

Posted on May 14, 2018

Lake Land College recently held its annual Foundation Scholarship Reception recognizing scholarship recipients as well as the donors who provide the scholarship. The Foundation Scholarship Reception allows students and donors to meet and get to know more about one another.

About 450 students received scholarships totaling more than $400,000 for the 2017-2018 academic school year.

The reception began with a short welcome from Debbie Benefiel, chair of the foundation scholarship committee and remarks from Josh Bullock, Lake Land College president, Jacqueline Joines, executive director for college advancement, , Charles Meaker, 2017-2018 student trustee & scholarship recipient and Pat Monahan, former Foundation Board member and longtime donor, Arcola.

“When I first started college, I went to class and came straight home. I never thought about scholarships or how they could impact the cost of college,” Meaker said in his speech. “After some time in school, I became familiar with all the great things the Lake Land College Foundation does and how every bit of assistance helps.”

He also pointed out to his fellow students as they prepare for the end of the year, to have a sense of duty toward their gracious donors.

“With finals coming up, so are tests and papers. It is up to you to keep those grades up to make your donors proud,” Meaker said.

Monahan, owner of Monahan Partners and longtime donor to the Foundation, said that he remembers coming to Lake Land to read scholarship applications and continued to do so for many years. He stated that the scholarships are always “all great and poetic in their own way” and how he sees financially supporting someone’s education is “giving the gift of hope.”

Lake Land College Foundation Board members include: Mike Bohannon, president, Charleston; Chad Thompson, vice president, Effingham; Tom Grunloh, secretary, Effingham; Bullock, ex-officio, Lake Land president, Mattoon; Doris Reynolds, ex-officio, Lake Land Board of Trustees liaison, Mattoon; David Frisse, ex-officio legal counsel, Paris; Debbie Benefiel, Paris; Steve Childers, Charleston; Alan Fedrigon, Shelbyville; Dr. Tom Fonner, Effingham; Chris Pilson, Mattoon; Lisa Kallis, Charleston; Michelle Blackwell, Pana; Rich Hartke, Teutopolis; Bob Pancoast, Shelbyville; Deacon Patient, Sullivan; Preston Smith, Mattoon; Tom Wright, Dieterich; Brian Hutchins, Charleston.

Lake Land Foundation staff includes: Jacqueline Joines, executive director for college advancement, Brocton; David Cox, director of alumni relations & annual giving, Mattoon; Paula Rosine, director of foundation operations, Mattoon; JJ Blazich, administrative assistant to college advancement, Neoga; Madge Shoot, foundation treasurer, Mattoon.

Honorary Board members include: Paul Glenney, Mattoon; Garth Jones, Mattoon; Linda McCabe, Mattoon; Deana Nuxoll, Effingham; Jennifer Jansen, Effingham; and Dr. Nanci Huels, Effingham.

The Lake Land College Foundation was established exclusively for educational, scientific and charitable purposes. The foundation assists the college in developing and enhancing the educational opportunities and service to its students, alumni and citizens of the district.

For more information about foundation scholarships, please visit

For more information about Lake Land College, visit

Lake Land College student receives award

Posted on May 10, 2018

Lake Land College student receives award.

Kimberli Jones, a sophomore at Lake Land and a graduate of Mattoon High School, received the Lake Land College TRiO Student Support Services Student of the Year award. She received the award at the annual TRiO SSS Spring Recognition Banquet held in the spring.

TRiO Student Support Services provides academic advising, transfer assistance, financial aid assistance, tuturing and opportunities to visit universities for the students in the program. For more information about the program, or how to apply to TRiO Student Support Services, contact 217-234-5456 or

Lake Land College Softball Team Headed to Nationals

Posted on May 9, 2018

The Laker Softball team is headed to the National Tournament in St. George, Utah on May 16.

The Laker Softball team clinched the 2018 NJCAA Division I Region 24 Championship and is headed to the National Tournament in St. George, Utah on May 16.

This is the seventh time the softball team has made the trip to Nationals in eight years. The team is also an Academic All American team.

Holly Marousek, Chicago, was named to the Region 24 All-Tournament Player of the Year. Haylee Short, Madeline Adams, Delanie Johnson and Alina Lance make the All-Tournament team.

Under Director of Fitness Center/Head Softball Coach Nic Nelson’s leadership, the team went 48-16 for the season.

Laker Softball players are:

Madeline Adams Hobart, Indiana
Addison Baele Washington, Illinois
Madison Bostick Roosevelt, Utah
Braylyn Burdick Boonville, Indiana
Hope Collier Effingham, Illinois
Sophie Cooper New Athens, Illinois
Kassidy Evans Marshall, Illinois
Samantha Forrest Lostant, Illinois
Olivia Haas Normal, Illinois
Kendall Hastings Riverside, Illinois
Allison Helton Colorado Springs, Colorado
Delanie Johnson Streator, Illinois
Alina Lance New Athens, Illinois
Holly Marousek Chicago, Illinois
Molly McElwee St. Joseph, Illinois
Rachel Quaritsch Cornell, Illinois
Haylee Short Hillsboro, Missouri
Sydney Rawlings Lone Tree, Colorado

All games will be aired on WLKL 89.9 FM and For more information about Laker Athletics, visit and select the “Athletics” drop-down menu.

Lake Land College Faculty raises money for scholarship at annual softball game

Posted on May 8, 2018

Pictured here are the Lake Land College faculty members and students who participated in the annual Faculty vs. Student Softball Game, which raised nearly $1,800 for scholarships.

Each spring at Lake Land College, faculty and students square off to raise money for scholarships. This year, the annual Faculty vs. Student Softball Game raised nearly $1,800. During the event’s 16-year-history, more than $22,000 has been raised.

This year, the students won both games 4-2.

“After sixteen years of playing the faculty vs. student softball game, the instructors’ age finally caught up with them, being soundly beat by younger and more athletic students!” English Instructor Matt Landrus, who organizes the event every year, said. “But more importantly, the game was a huge success, raising the second highest total in the event’s history.”

Members of the Faculty Softball Team are: Bryan Burrell, academic counselor; Greg Powers, speech communication/broadcasting instructor; Dirk Muffler, director of adult and alternative education; Greg Capitosti, chemistry instructor; Tina Moore, director of career services; Marc Dal Ponte, biological science instructor; Jordan Rauch, agriculture instructor/judging team coach; Eva Ritchey, speech communication instructor; Josh Fulk, civil engineering technology instructor/coordinator; Kristen Holsapple, dental hygiene instructor; Sarah Hill, information services librarian; Matt Landrus, English instructor.

The Student Softball Team players are: Lily Laatsch, Altamont; Ashley Miller, Armington; Tessa Philpot, St. Elmo; Ryan Kremer, Teutopolis; Charles Meaker, Mattoon; Travis Winans, Taylorville; Sterling Howard, Windsor; Hunter Laughhunn, Mattoon; Brock Burgener, Moweaqua; Brett Langen, Taylorville; Eric Wolff, Effingham; Lija Workman, Sullivan.

To learn more about scholarship opportunities at Lake Land College, visit

Lake Land College honored for outstanding technology in annual survey

Posted on May 7, 2018

For the seventh year in a row the Center for Digital Education named Lake Land College as one of the top 10 colleges to achieve a first-rate student learning environment. The college is one of a handful of mid-sized colleges recognized nationally in the annual Digital Community Colleges Survey conducted by the Center for Digital Education, based in Sacramento, California.

According to a press release by the Center for Digital Education, the “survey analyzes how community colleges use digital technologies to improve services to students, faculty, staff and the community at large.”

Overall, this is the ninth time Lake Land College has been recognized for the outstanding use of technology on campus. Awards were given in 2007, 2008 and then seven years in a row beginning in 2011.

“Lake Land College strives to be at the forefront of emerging technologies in order to provide the best educational opportunities and learning environment for our students, faculty and staff,” said Lee Spaniol, director of information systems and services at Lake Land College. “The college makes every effort to make information as accessible as possible. Our hard work and dedication to that has paid off.”

The Center for Digital Education is operated by e Republic Inc., the parent company of Government Technology magazine.

To learn more about the technological advances at Lake Land College, visit

Lake Land College Nursing Faculty and Students raise funds for local homeless shelter

Posted on May 4, 2018

Lake Land College Nursing faculty presented Mattoon Area PADS Executive Director Michael Stopka with an $800 donation. Nursing faculty and 74 nursing students adopted the homeless shelter as a charitable cause this past semester. Pictured at center is Stopka, left to right are Lake Land College Nursing Instructors: Erin Swingler, Nicole Zeller, Tisha Goad and Cassandra Porter.

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