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Lake Land College to offer new mental health resources to students

Posted on February 25, 2021

Lake Land College partnered with the online therapy platform BetterMynd to offer students access to online therapy sessions with a diverse network of licensed mental health counselors. Through the partnership, each Lake Land College student can access up to six free online therapy sessions each year on the BetterMynd platform. These live video sessions are private, confidential, and can take place from the convenience of a laptop or smartphone.

“BetterMynd’s mission is to make mental health resources more easily accessible for college students everywhere,” Director of Career Services Tina Moore said. “Counseling is an opportunity to work through challenges and issues in life. With this platform, students have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.”

After the first six free sessions, students have the option to continue with the same therapist by either paying out of pocket or via insurance.

“Fifty percent of college students report having mental health concerns, and 30 percent of those students say it impacts their schooling,” Academic Counselor and Coordinator for Student Accommodations Andy Gaines said. “The great thing about BetterMynd is that it’s easy for the students to log in, connect with a counselor of their choice and get the support that they need.”

Students must register with their Lake Land College email address to utilize BetterMynd mental health support and counseling services. Registration generates a BetterMynd portal where students can access services and information.  After the initial registration, students will be able to log in to their BetterMynd portal directly from the BetterMynd site.

“We know that 40 percent of those struggling with mental health issues will not reach out to get assistance,” Gaines said. “We hope that making this easily accessible to our students will increase the number of students willing to seek assistance.”

For more information about BetterMynd and the other mental health resources Lake Land College has available, visit lakelandcollege.edu/mental-health-resources/.

Lake Land College introduces Court Reporting Degree Program

Posted on February 23, 2021

The Court Reporting Technology Degree program is a new special admission program at Lake Land College beginning Fall 2021. The introduction of the program follows the increased high demand for court reporting and closed-captioning professionals throughout the nation.

Lake Land College business faculty worked closely with area court reporters to create the degree program, which will train students for careers in the judicial setting as either official or freelance court reporters. The program also provides students with the option to attain a captioning specialization, which prepares students for careers providing captioning for broadcast television and internet programs and working with the deaf or hard-of-hearing population by providing an accurate word-for-word text translation in education, civic and corporate settings.

Lake Land College will be hosting a virtual information session for this program March 17. Instructors for the program will be available to answer questions, and all are welcome to attend. To register, visit lakelandcollege.edu/visit/.

Program application requirements include:

  • Admission to Lake Land College
  • Completion of an interest survey
  • English and grammar exam
  • A timed typing exam
  • Prospective students with any court reporting coursework or Lake Land College coursework are asked to provide documentation or college transcripts.

Special admission testing will be open March 22 through April 23, 2021 for consideration for the fall semester. Court Reporting is a competitive, special admission program with an availability of 17 incoming students this fall semester.

To get started with the special admission process, those interested must complete a Laker Profile at https://www.lakelandcollege.edu/enroll/ and submit an intent to enroll at Lake Land College indicating the Academic Program (major) as “AAS.CRT.TRK”.  By selecting this option, the student will be contacted to complete the Special Admission Testing and Screening Canvas course.

Interested students may begin the program with a typing speed of 40-50 words per minute. Keeping up with the pace of regular speech, the program is designed to train students on a specialized 24-key shorthand keyboard used by court reporters and captioners called a steno machine. Rather than typing out each word, letter for letter, as on a traditional keyboard, stenographers spell out syllables phonetically on a steno machine. This form of specialized shorthand allows court reporters and captioners to capture speech with near complete accuracy.

Students will purchase or rent-to-own a steno machine.

All classes are available online but many will offer a virtual component where students can attend Zoom sessions. If a student cannot acquire the appropriate speed in time, the student can retake the half credit hour lab. Additionally, if a student does not have confident keyboarding skills prior to acceptance into the program, keyboarding skill building courses such as Keyboarding, Advanced Formatting and Processing Information can be taken.

The final semester of the program, students will complete a one-hour internship course where students will be placed in courtrooms or in the deposition setting under supervision of a court reporter.

Upon graduation, students will be prepared to sit for the Illinois Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) or the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), Registered Skilled Reporter (RSR) and Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) certification exams.

For more information about the special admission Court Reporting Technology Degree program, contact Lisa Earp, business instructor/program coordinator office professionals, at learp@lakelandcollege.edu.

Lake Land College now accepting verification and acceptance forms for Presidential Scholarships

Posted on February 12, 2021

Lake Land College is pleased to guarantee a Presidential Scholarship to all eligible in-district high school graduates who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance. The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition for up to two consecutive academic years.

Students who are in the top 15 percent of students in their senior class or have an ACT composite score of 26 or higher/SAT total score of 1230 or higher are eligible for the Presidential Scholarship.

Qualifying students must also:

  • Reside in the Lake Land College district at the time of graduation.
  • Graduate from a high school located in the Lake Land College district, or
  • Graduate from a high school serving part of the Lake Land College district, including Hume-Shiloh, South Central, Newton, and North Clay high schools.

Interested students should contact their high school guidance counselor to complete and submit the Presidential Scholarship Acceptance form. Homeschooled and private school students in the district who meet the ACT/SAT score requirements should contact Lake Land College directly.

For additional information, visit lakelandcollege.edu/scholarship-opportunities or contact Coordinator for Strategic Student Communication & Initiatives, Michelle Zumbahlen, at 217-234-5230.

Lake Land College Announces Full-Time Fall Semester Honors List

Posted on February 10, 2021

Lake Land College is proud to announce that more than 600 full-time students earned academic honors for the 2020 fall semester.

To qualify for the president’s list, a student must have completed at least 12 credit hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.8 – 4.0.

To qualify for the dean’s list, a student must have completed at least 12 credit hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.65 – 3.79.

To qualify for the honor’s list, a student must have completed at least 12 hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.5 – 3.64.

A grade “A” is four points, a “B” is three points, a “C” is two points, etc.


The following full-time students have achieved these academic honors:

Name                          City            Honor’s Code         
Jennifer Morris Altamont President’s List
Jayme Campe Altamont President’s List
Ashley Tappendorf Altamont President’s List
Jeanette Bovard Altamont President’s List
Nathan Budde Altamont President’s List
August Laatsch Altamont President’s List
Violet Wendling Altamont President’s List
Dawn Pagel Altamont President’s List
Lane Horath Altamont President’s List
Kelli Stuemke Altamont President’s List
Dalton Fox Altamont President’s List
Kolby Pemberton Altamont Dean’s List
Hannah Tappendorf Altamont Dean’s List
Jacob Hammer Altamont Dean’s List
Anna Koberlein Altamont Dean’s List
Alexus Ault Altamont Dean’s List
Hannah Barns Altamont Dean’s List
Hannah Roberson Altamont Honor’s List
Grace Simmons Altamont Honor’s List
Jared Kollmann Altamont Honor’s List
Marissa Herschberger Arcola President’s List
Mallory Burgener Arcola President’s List
Shelby Hall Arcola President’s List
Marissa Graven Arcola Dean’s List
Abigail Taylor Arthur President’s List
Mindy Bontrager Arthur President’s List
Diana Diener Arthur President’s List
Makenna Green Arthur President’s List
Kaylee Yeakel Arthur President’s List
Donnelle Daily Arthur Dean’s List
Noah Switzer Ashmore President’s List
Matthew Newby Ashmore President’s List
Sydney Ohl Assumption President’s List
Carly Peck Atwood President’s List
Megan Fifer Atwood Dean’s List
Alisha Jewell Beecher City President’s List
Matthew Smith Beecher City President’s List
Amanda Smith Beecher City President’s List
Jessica Prichard Beecher City Dean’s List
Paeton Underwood Beecher City Dean’s List
Ashley Rhodes Beecher City Honor’s List
Mary Hart Bethany President’s List
Elizabeth Herbord Bethany President’s List
Kamryn Landreth Bethany President’s List
Talon Russell Bethany Dean’s List
Caleb Hildebrandt Bethany Dean’s List
April Decesaro Bethany Dean’s List
Savannah McKee Bethany Dean’s List
Justin Norris Bethany Honor’s List
Brayden Primmer Bethany Honor’s List
Danielle Hill Bethany Honor’s List
Patrick Bell Brocton Honor’s List
Joel Bloemker Brownstown President’s List
Shelby Spence Brownstown Dean’s List
Mykenzi Danner Canton Honor’s List
Ira Adams Casey President’s List
Logan Stutesman Casey President’s List
Lucas Anderson Casey President’s List
Shelby Slifer Casey Honor’s List
Jae Lynn Riggleman Casey Honor’s List
Julie Ryan Charleston President’s List
Amanda Phillips Charleston President’s List
Shailee Weber Charleston President’s List
Drew Riley Charleston President’s List
Karly Weber Charleston President’s List
Taylor Edwards Charleston President’s List
Isaac Jackson Charleston President’s List
Zachary Hill Charleston President’s List
Alyssa Brooks Charleston President’s List
Courtland Brooks Charleston President’s List
Paige Nisbet Charleston President’s List
Rikki Robertson Charleston President’s List
Ethan Dow Charleston President’s List
Eli Ennis Charleston President’s List
Drew Shrader Charleston President’s List
Harley Barry Charleston President’s List
Hyuntaek Oh Charleston President’s List
Yujin Lee Charleston President’s List
Faith Beever Charleston President’s List
Caleb Hurst Charleston President’s List
Cade Lawless Charleston President’s List
Lexie Madlem Charleston President’s List
Lydia Madlem Charleston President’s List
Elizabeth Buescher Charleston President’s List
Sydney Conley Charleston President’s List
Suhyun Moon Charleston President’s List
Sejin Ko Charleston President’s List
Hailey Simmons Charleston President’s List
Ava Gardner Charleston President’s List
Kelsi Geltz Charleston President’s List
Claire Carr Charleston President’s List
Charlie Foerster Charleston President’s List
Christopher Sotelo Charleston President’s List
Jeri Krabel Charleston Dean’s List
Aaron Harrell Charleston Dean’s List
Cameron McDonald Charleston Dean’s List
Dru Howell Charleston Dean’s List
Shayla Taylor Charleston Dean’s List
Josiah Estrada-Drum Charleston Dean’s List
Rhett Banman Charleston Dean’s List
Brenda Jones Charleston Honor’s List
Scott Burris Charleston Honor’s List
Andrea Fasig Charleston Honor’s List
Whitney Montz Charleston Honor’s List
Dylan Dinkelmann Charleston Honor’s List
Keagan Brady Charleston Honor’s List
Kyla Doty Charleston Honor’s List
Stone Crutchfield Charleston Honor’s List
Ian Centers Charleston Honor’s List
Blaine Drake Charleston Honor’s List
Lane Harrell Charleston Honor’s List
Rhemee Murphy Charleston Honor’s List
Beatriz Amaya Charleston Honor’s List
Mikaela Theriault Charleston Honor’s List
Karrington Krabel Chrisman President’s List
Erin Wheeler Chrisman President’s List
Eric Huber Coffeen President’s List
Tori Haug Commerce City President’s List
Tabitha Endsley Cowden President’s List
Roxann Arnold Creal Springs President’s List
Justin Wallace Dahlgren President’s List
Margo Donaldson Dieterich President’s List
Kaitlyn Bloemer Dieterich President’s List
Paul Thoele Dieterich President’s List
Seth Bohnhoff Dieterich President’s List
Collin Hartke Dieterich President’s List
Will Thoele Dieterich President’s List
Alex Deters Dieterich President’s List
Parker Wolfe Dieterich President’s List
Allie Painter Dieterich President’s List
Keely Gosnell Dieterich President’s List
Stacey Sehy Effingham President’s List
Kristin Fleming Effingham President’s List
Jared Roderick Effingham President’s List
Sandra Bryan Effingham President’s List
Emily Durbin Effingham President’s List
Chloe Funneman Effingham President’s List
Will Kabbes Effingham President’s List
Broc Hemrich Effingham President’s List
Averee Greene Effingham President’s List
Joshua Cotter Effingham President’s List
Alex Fearday Effingham President’s List
Katherine Blickem Effingham President’s List
Brennan Poland Effingham President’s List
Yuwei Canada Effingham President’s List
Brianna Larson Effingham President’s List
Jordon Wilkinson Effingham President’s List
Autumn McCoy Effingham President’s List
Kellie Siebert Effingham President’s List
Lucas Vasquez Effingham President’s List
Madison Buscher Effingham President’s List
Ty Morrissey Effingham President’s List
Carsyn Bushue Effingham President’s List
Austin Huebner Effingham President’s List
Morgan Krouse Effingham President’s List
Jackson Matteson Effingham President’s List
Dylan Ritz Effingham President’s List
Rachel Sloss Effingham President’s List
Sam Thompson Effingham President’s List
Madison Tilford Effingham President’s List
Abigayle Weis Effingham President’s List
Andrew Womack Effingham President’s List
Jessica Wilson Effingham President’s List
Reilly Ashton Effingham President’s List
Sophia Poston Effingham President’s List
David Adams Effingham President’s List
Rachel Buening Effingham President’s List
Morgan Mette Effingham President’s List
Karsyn Mette Effingham President’s List
Mackenzie Brown Effingham President’s List
Riley Seachrist Effingham President’s List
Callie Feldhake Effingham President’s List
John Hoene Effingham President’s List
Ryan Schultz Effingham President’s List
Abigail Will Effingham President’s List
Connor Will Effingham President’s List
Kaelyn Fedrigon Effingham President’s List
Keegan Baker Effingham President’s List
Cohen Woods Effingham President’s List
Aaron Webb Effingham President’s List
Lisa Armstrong Effingham Dean’s List
Brian Roedl Effingham Dean’s List
Alex Thoele Effingham Dean’s List
Alan Lovell Effingham Dean’s List
Hannah Koester Effingham Dean’s List
Chelsie Carver Effingham Dean’s List
Kaleb Kihne Effingham Dean’s List
Parker Siner Effingham Dean’s List
William Lawrence Effingham Dean’s List
Abby Kallis Effingham Dean’s List
Mitchell Heuerman Effingham Dean’s List
Michael Fleshner Effingham Dean’s List
Jacy Blunt Effingham Dean’s List
Fidencio Sanchez-Hernandez Effingham Dean’s List
Bayleigh Flynn Effingham Honor’s List
Amanda Lagrand Effingham Honor’s List
Jenny Huynh Effingham Honor’s List
Caralee Hayes Effingham Honor’s List
Cooper Jackson Effingham Honor’s List
Kaylee Phillips Effingham Honor’s List
Brayton Poland Effingham Honor’s List
Eli Seaman Effingham Honor’s List
Luke Rudolphi Effingham Honor’s List
Wade Wenthe Effingham Honor’s List
Logan Borries Effingham Honor’s List
Parker Snow Effingham Honor’s List
Dylan Guy Effingham Honor’s List
Benjerman LeMere Elizabeth President’s List
Brittany Gordon Findlay President’s List
Kailynn Bobbett Findlay President’s List
Sophie Zimmerman Findlay President’s List
Cole Nichols Findlay President’s List
Sayne Schultz Findlay President’s List
Sadie Zimmerman Findlay Honor’s List
Sidney Zimmerman Findlay Honor’s List
Keygun Mitchell Flora President’s List
Krista Borders Flora President’s List
Phana Baptiste Fort Lauderdale Dean’s List
Mark Johnson Galesburg President’s List
Rachel Miller Gays President’s List
Mia Meintjes Gays President’s List
William Pickett Gillespie President’s List
Terry L Douglas Goreville President’s List
Kendall Plummer Greenup President’s List
Creed Hudson Greenup President’s List
Aidan Ozier Greenup President’s List
Elijah Lamb Greenup President’s List
Michael Reynolds Greenup Honor’s List
Shelby Napier Greenup Honor’s List
Paige Bartimus Hammond President’s List
David Culp Harrisburg President’s List
Tyrek Watkins Harrisburg President’s List
Jamie Henkelman Herrick President’s List
Royce Thompson Herrick President’s List
Emily McBee Herrick President’s List
Tucker Short Herrick President’s List
Lauren Wojcik Herrick Dean’s List
Chavala McClenahan Hindsboro President’s List
Tim Cox Hindsboro President’s List
Gabriela Becerra Hindsboro Dean’s List
Kasey Sheedy Humboldt President’s List
Taylor Dallas Humboldt President’s List
Brody Polk Humboldt President’s List
Richard Martin Humboldt President’s List
Jakob Weder Humboldt Dean’s List
Bryce Uphoff Humboldt Honor’s List
Cody Mitchell Ina President’s List
Lauren Bryant Iola President’s List
Jenna Flood Jewett President’s List
Jordyn Koester Jewett Honor’s List
John Jones Johnston City President’s List
Derek Jaburek Joliet President’s List
Jacqueline Johnston Kansas President’s List
Colton Johnson Kansas President’s List
Bailey Drummond Kansas President’s List
Natalee Gough Kansas President’s List
Grace Harmon Kansas President’s List
Lu Gong Kansas President’s List
William Hamlin Kansas President’s List
Isaiah Hart Lake Zurich Honor’s List
Nicole Owens Lakewood President’s List
Jared Phillips Lebanon President’s List
Mechelle Steenburg Lerna President’s List
Meleah Hackett Lerna President’s List
Timothy Ratliff Lerna President’s List
Deandra Campbell Lerna Honor’s List
Loren Eaton Lerna Honor’s List
Matthew Dees Logan President’s List
Paige Van Dyke Louisville President’s List
Cole Dial Louisville President’s List
Chloe Kessler Louisville Dean’s List
Brady Clark Louisville Honor’s List
Bradley Edwards Lovington President’s List
Jessica Diener Lovington President’s List
Ciara Emrick Lovington Honor’s List
Kelsey Watson Marion President’s List
Ryan Tyhurst Marshall President’s List
Hunter Gower Marshall President’s List
William Dudley Marshall President’s List
Katie Clark Marshall President’s List
Hannah Roberts Marshall President’s List
Kaleb Scott Marshall President’s List
Hadyn Maloney Marshall President’s List
Christopher Reedy Marshall President’s List
Chloe Maurer Marshall Dean’s List
Emily Tingley Marshall Honor’s List
Brittney Owen Martinsville President’s List
Orrin Svika Martinsville President’s List
Ella Schollenbruch Martinsville President’s List
Sara Maxey Martinsville Honor’s List
Nathan Hill Mason President’s List
Nathan Lohman Mason President’s List
Brittany Smithenry Mason President’s List
Paula Holland Mason Dean’s List
Kelly Hills Mattoon President’s List
Tammy Syfert Mattoon President’s List
James Miller Mattoon President’s List
Talitha Spitz Mattoon President’s List
Julie Long Mattoon President’s List
Nicole Starwalt Mattoon President’s List
Travis Schumacher Mattoon President’s List
Munia Mustafa Mattoon President’s List
Carrie Warman Mattoon President’s List
Anthony Karpus Mattoon President’s List
Alexa Kimberlin Mattoon President’s List
Delaney Kimberlin Mattoon President’s List
Joshua Kiest Mattoon President’s List
Myles Eller Mattoon President’s List
Natasha Santillana Mattoon President’s List
Seth Miller Mattoon President’s List
Ryleigh Hawkins Mattoon President’s List
Alexander Kersten Mattoon President’s List
Meghan Emmett Mattoon President’s List
Blake Sapp Mattoon President’s List
Destiny Decker Mattoon President’s List
Brooke Wilson Mattoon President’s List
Nicholas Doty Mattoon President’s List
Chandler Rhine Mattoon President’s List
McKenzee Davee Mattoon President’s List
Elisha Lunsford Mattoon President’s List
Jacob Spitz Mattoon President’s List
Austin Stortzum Mattoon President’s List
Alyvia Myers Mattoon President’s List
Jamie Stokes Mattoon President’s List
Kacie Collinsworth Mattoon President’s List
Wyatt Webb Mattoon President’s List
Meah Butler Mattoon President’s List
Dalton Compton Mattoon President’s List
Kirsten Dicus Mattoon President’s List
Zachary Diebel Mattoon President’s List
Spencer Ferrar Mattoon President’s List
Houstis Haldorsen Mattoon President’s List
Chaselyn Himes Mattoon President’s List
Anna Maleske Mattoon President’s List
Kynley Scott Mattoon President’s List
Kamaria Gant Mattoon President’s List
Patty Gaona Mattoon President’s List
Mya Tinsley Mattoon President’s List
Charles Clinard Mattoon President’s List
Alaya Bolin Mattoon President’s List
Rachel Kaufman Mattoon President’s List
Katherine Smith Mattoon President’s List
Mark Corrigan Mattoon President’s List
Emma Freebairn Mattoon President’s List
Ashtin Guyer Mattoon President’s List
Makayla Devall Mattoon President’s List
Hannah Hopper Mattoon President’s List
Richard Wright Mattoon President’s List
Cody Knodle Mattoon President’s List
Emma Gathe Mattoon President’s List
Nathaniel Brookshire-Thompson Mattoon President’s List
Tina Sena Mattoon President’s List
Lara Caldeira Mattoon President’s List
Nash Mose Mattoon President’s List
Ryan Janssen Mattoon President’s List
Sheridan Hank Mattoon President’s List
Brooke Beyers Mattoon President’s List
Destini Woodland Mattoon President’s List
Sarah Ronnebaum Mattoon President’s List
Ellie Gass Mattoon President’s List
Bryan Belo Mattoon President’s List
Keegan Garis Mattoon President’s List
Travis Wilke Mattoon President’s List
Pamela Zimmerman Mattoon President’s List
Katherine Horal Mattoon President’s List
Bradyn Lachenmeier Mattoon President’s List
Tamara Randall Mattoon President’s List
William Rardin Mattoon President’s List
Katie Young Mattoon Dean’s List
Alexander Pearson Mattoon Dean’s List
Caleb Coleman Mattoon Dean’s List
Breeanna Brishke Mattoon Dean’s List
Dulcey Strowmatt Mattoon Dean’s List
Kyle Thornton Mattoon Dean’s List
Hallie Niemerg Mattoon Dean’s List
Andrew Capitosti Mattoon Dean’s List
Amanda Imlay Mattoon Dean’s List
Shania Cornell Mattoon Dean’s List
Nathan Price Mattoon Dean’s List
Kyah Eastin Mattoon Dean’s List
Kyanna Irizarry Mattoon Dean’s List
Allison Petak Mattoon Dean’s List
Alexus Dibartolomeo Mattoon Dean’s List
Shane Ghere Mattoon Dean’s List
Alex Junge Mattoon Dean’s List
Josiah Morton Mattoon Dean’s List
Lynsey Overton Mattoon Dean’s List
Noelle Parkerson Mattoon Dean’s List
Alissa Bell Mattoon Dean’s List
Alyssa Hunter Mattoon Dean’s List
Jaycie Schertz Mattoon Dean’s List
Madison Durbin Mattoon Dean’s List
Kyrsten Darrough Mattoon Dean’s List
Benjamin Schuler Mattoon Dean’s List
Calandra Donley Mattoon Dean’s List
Brianna Ulmer Mattoon Dean’s List
Hallie Wallace Mattoon Dean’s List
Katrina Tucker Mattoon Dean’s List
Skye Schumaker Mattoon Dean’s List
Jeremy Williams Mattoon Dean’s List
Krayton Carter Mattoon Dean’s List
Beau Simpson Mattoon Dean’s List
Danielle Johnson Mattoon Dean’s List
Gavin Miller Mattoon Dean’s List
Lance Mitchell Mattoon Dean’s List
Dylan Cheline Mattoon Dean’s List
Teresa Urie Mattoon Dean’s List
Chase McCullough Mattoon Honor’s List
Trenton Butler Mattoon Honor’s List
Allison Prater Mattoon Honor’s List
Jacob Laue Mattoon Honor’s List
Izabella Hooker Mattoon Honor’s List
Elijah Toothman Mattoon Honor’s List
Nadya Yost Mattoon Honor’s List
Louis Niemeyer Mattoon Honor’s List
Kalie Hyder Mattoon Honor’s List
Jordan Annis Mattoon Honor’s List
Jacob Ghere Mattoon Honor’s List
Haleigh Miller Mattoon Honor’s List
Myles Woodard Mattoon Honor’s List
Destiny Bialeschki Mattoon Honor’s List
Noah Scott Mattoon Honor’s List
Trevor Smyser Mattoon Honor’s List
Megan Miller Mattoon Honor’s List
Austin Laffoon Mattoon Honor’s List
Madeleine Hanson Mattoon Honor’s List
Grant Hoke Mattoon Honor’s List
Wyatt Brownlee Mattoon Honor’s List
Ethan Stultz Mattoon Honor’s List
Alicia Buttery Mattoon Honor’s List
Andrew Morlen Mattoon Honor’s List
Hunter Ramsay Mattoon Honor’s List
Clayton Story Mattoon Honor’s List
Michael Aragon Mattoon Honor’s List
Allison Wheeler Mattoon Honor’s List
Kyle Colwell Mattoon Honor’s List
Marc Babicz Mattoon Honor’s List
Jason Brulport Mattoon Honor’s List
Malorie Craig Mattoon Honor’s List
William Ochs Mattoon Honor’s List
Jacob Walker Mattoon Honor’s List
Mikayla Sirjord Mattoon Honor’s List
Gary Voudrie Mattoon Honor’s List
Klara Cejkova-Kolaci Mattoon Honor’s List
Anthony Seibert Mode President’s List
Monica Buerster Montrose President’s List
Grace Meinhart Montrose Honor’s List
Rhiannon Urbanowski Morris President’s List
Barbara Folkers Morrison President’s List
Grace Honeyman Mount Auburn President’s List
James Letterle Mount Pulaski Honor’s List
Nashlynn Mathias Moweaqua President’s List
Derek Smith Mulkeytown President’s List
Matthew Kolus Nashville President’s List
Francis Heimann Nashville Dean’s List
McKenna Cleeton Neoga President’s List
Sasha Coco Neoga President’s List
Alyssa Easton Neoga President’s List
Madelyn Kidd Neoga President’s List
Emmalyn Walk Neoga Dean’s List
Dalton Potter Neoga Dean’s List
Mackenzie Saunders Neoga Dean’s List
Brandon Neece Neoga Dean’s List
Olivia Holt Neoga Honor’s List
Eleonora Thiems New Douglas President’s List
Emily Barrow Newman President’s List
Madison Barrow Newman Honor’s List
Brianna Utley Newton President’s List
Brooklyn Herman Newton President’s List
Wyatt Zumbahlen Newton Dean’s List
Kierstin Clark Newton Dean’s List
Deanna Johnson Nokomis President’s List
Felicia Bryant Oak Forest President’s List
Ryan Stark Oakland Dean’s List
Jacob Beeson Oconee President’s List
Linsaie Gatons Oconee Honor’s List
Hannah Merrifield Oconee Honor’s List
Kevin Christer Pana President’s List
Jordan Beeson Pana President’s List
Shayna Stremming Pana President’s List
Camryn Burris Pana President’s List
Lucas Duduit Pana President’s List
Sydney Horton Pana President’s List
Shania Schoonover Pana President’s List
Olivia Decker Pana President’s List
Logan Puckett Pana President’s List
Jordan Bock Pana President’s List
Tanner Mickey Pana President’s List
Justine Blazich Pana Dean’s List
Anna Gould Pana Dean’s List
Brodon Bland Pana Dean’s List
Johnathan Zietlow Pana Honor’s List
Elizabeth Epley Pana Honor’s List
Christina Duke Paris President’s List
Hillary Fitzpatrick Paris President’s List
Amanda Gill Paris President’s List
Peyton Hughes Paris President’s List
Alex Turner Paris President’s List
Daniel Paulo Baptista Paris President’s List
Brock Minor Paris President’s List
Sara Drake Paris Dean’s List
Austin Myles Paris Dean’s List
Austin White Paris Honor’s List
Damian Brown Paris Honor’s List
Avoree Collins Paris Honor’s List
Emma Campbell Paris Honor’s List
James Sanders Paris Honor’s List
Nathan Lowe Pinckneyville President’s List
Cody Arens Quincy President’s List
Amy Forbus Ramsey President’s List
Anthony Stephens Ramsey President’s List
Samantha Stokes Ramsey President’s List
Gretta Simon Ramsey President’s List
Brooke Benhoff Ramsey President’s List
Hannah Hunt Ramsey Dean’s List
Samantha Miller Ramsey Dean’s List
Leah Moreland Ramsey Honor’s List
Monte Waterman Raymond President’s List
Brianna Sarver Rosamond Dean’s List
Maureen Bruns Rosamond Honor’s List
Ian Lowry Sadorus President’s List
Dustin Blankenship Saint Elmo President’s List
Ava Pattillo Saint Elmo President’s List
Megan Denton Saint Elmo President’s List
Avyree Scholes Saint Elmo Dean’s List
Marlee Nolen Saint Elmo Honor’s List
Charles Downes Sandoval President’s List
Falynne Muzzy Scott City President’s List
Patrick Lines Shelbyville President’s List
Matthew Thompson Shelbyville President’s List
Kearah Allen Shelbyville President’s List
Emily Smith Shelbyville President’s List
Emily Atkinson Shelbyville President’s List
Alec Stokes Shelbyville President’s List
Jordan Winings Shelbyville President’s List
Kaitlyn Gritzmacher Shelbyville President’s List
Olivia Durbin Shelbyville President’s List
Amanda Cowen Shelbyville President’s List
Dean Walters Shelbyville Dean’s List
Jack Townsend Shelbyville Dean’s List
Gabrielle Pierce Shelbyville Dean’s List
Fedson Fergilus Shelbyville Dean’s List
Amy Brown Shelbyville Honor’s List
Shannon Price Shelbyville Honor’s List
Dana Robertson Shelbyville Honor’s List
Trey Ruot Shelbyville Honor’s List
Amy Whitaker Shumway President’s List
Bethany Thies Shumway President’s List
Shea Kinkelaar Shumway Dean’s List
Jenelle Vogt Sigel President’s List
Christine Hoene Sigel President’s List
Isabel Lee Sigel President’s List
Abagail Flach Sigel President’s List
Brittany Krampe Sigel Dean’s List
Kaden Fearday Sigel Dean’s List
Paul Probst Sigel Honor’s List
Caitlin Howard Springfield Dean’s List
Katrina Davis Stewardson President’s List
Jocelyn Schultz Stewardson President’s List
Carrie Mahnke Stewardson Honor’s List
Adrienne Bushue Strasburg President’s List
Jack Burton Strasburg President’s List
Calla Roney Strasburg President’s List
Lainee Turner Strasburg President’s List
Logan Mathis Strasburg Dean’s List
Mindy McPheeters Sullivan President’s List
Maelona Sims Sullivan President’s List
Cullen Dyer Sullivan President’s List
Miles Gregory Sullivan President’s List
Seth Mayberry Sullivan President’s List
Zachary Kimberlin Sullivan President’s List
Michael Gingerich Sullivan President’s List
Samantha Wood Sullivan President’s List
Parker Whitaker Sullivan President’s List
Kaitlynn McClure Sullivan President’s List
Zach Sowers Sullivan President’s List
Stephanie Sample Sullivan President’s List
Kayla Dowds Sullivan President’s List
Caleb Lane Sullivan Dean’s List
Josie Orris Sullivan Dean’s List
Zane Gardner Sullivan Dean’s List
Kimberly McDonald Sullivan Honor’s List
Michelle Williams Sullivan Honor’s List
Coen Foster Sullivan Honor’s List
Hattie Waldhoff Sullivan Honor’s List
Madisyn Gaither Sullivan Honor’s List
Kathryn Sapp Terre Haute Honor’s List
Anni Borries Teutopolis President’s List
Macy Vogt Teutopolis President’s List
Callie McMahon Teutopolis President’s List
Callie Meinhart Teutopolis President’s List
Madison Niebrugge Teutopolis President’s List
Kelsey Deters Teutopolis President’s List
Molly Wendt Teutopolis President’s List
Olivia Niemerg Teutopolis President’s List
Elizabeth Poston Teutopolis President’s List
Emily Uthell Teutopolis President’s List
William Niccum Teutopolis President’s List
John Apke Teutopolis President’s List
Ciara Roepke Teutopolis President’s List
Seth Probst Teutopolis Dean’s List
Ryan Buerster Teutopolis Dean’s List
Jarrett Hardiek Teutopolis Honor’s List
Josh Hardiek Teutopolis Honor’s List
Brayden Will Teutopolis Honor’s List
Brock Deters Teutopolis Honor’s List
Juanita Lopez Tinley Park President’s List
Emily Carlen Toledo President’s List
Destiny Williams Toledo President’s List
Riley Jackson Toledo Dean’s List
Kyle Houser Toledo Honor’s List
Kyla Thornton Toledo Honor’s List
Allison Kingery Toledo Honor’s List
Reid Mathenia Toledo Honor’s List
Josiah Ritchie Tower Hill Dean’s List
Drew Cummings Trilla Dean’s List
Carissa Denny Tuscola Dean’s List
Jeannette Dyer Tuscola Dean’s List
Nicholas Harris Tuscola Honor’s List
Drew Meyers Vandalia President’s List
Kyle Morrison Vandalia President’s List
Erin Gahimer Vermilion Dean’s List
Austin Hagen Watson President’s List
Clair Davis Watson President’s List
Shelby Herboth Watson Dean’s List
Miranda Ochs West Liberty Dean’s List
Cameron Clark Westervelt Dean’s List
Brooke Jansen Wheeler President’s List
Ethan Olson Wilmington President’s List
Katherine Greuel Windsor President’s List
Carson Cole Windsor President’s List
Logan Greuel Windsor President’s List
Logan Stremming Windsor President’s List
Nikki Trussell Windsor President’s List
Lesa McDaniel Windsor Dean’s List
Payton Nichols Windsor Dean’s List
Mason Campbell Windsor Dean’s List
Victoria Walker Windsor Dean’s List
McKenna Donald Windsor Honor’s List
Beau Bennett Windsor Honor’s List
Jarrett Tharp Yale President’s List
Macy Clark Dean’s List
Oliver Dunn Honor’s List
Tyanna Graber President’s List
Drew Guebert President’s List
Steven Holder President’s List
Wyatt Ingram President’s List
Harley Mason Dean’s List
Isaiah May President’s List
Grace McDowell Dean’s List
Brady Moore Honor’s List
Andy Mukanya President’s List
Max Pickel Honor’s List
Bryton Pruett President’s List
Codie Thompson Honor’s List
Shane Young President’s List


Lake Land College Announces Part-Time Fall Semester Honors List

Posted on

Lake Land College is proud to announce that more than 400 part-time students earned academic honors for the 2020 fall semester.

To qualify for the president’s list, a student must have completed six to 11 credit hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.8 – 4.0.

To qualify for the dean’s list, a student must have completed six to 11 credit hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.65 – 3.79.

To qualify for the honor’s list, a student must have completed six to 11 hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.5 – 3.64.

A grade “A” is four points, a “B” is three points, a “C” is two points, etc.


The following part-time students have achieved these academic honors:



City            Honor’s Code         
Patricia Childress Altamont President’s List
Elizabeth Huston Altamont President’s List
Jessica Spour Altamont President’s List
Kristina Roepke Altamont President’s List
Derek Chancy Altamont President’s List
Sierra Struthers Altamont Dean’s List
Ailyn Spring Altamont Honor’s List
Katelynn Grimsley Altamont Honor’s List
Dalee Leinweber Arcola Dean’s List
Andrew Howell Arthur President’s List
Maria Garza Arthur President’s List
Annika Slabaugh Arthur Dean’s List
Shelbi Swartzentruber Arthur Honor’s List
Raegan Cheek Arthur Honor’s List
Amanda Matheny Ashmore President’s List
Phillip Humphreys Ashmore President’s List
Melia Eskew Ashmore President’s List
Staci Ard Atwood President’s List
Joshua Lister Beecher City Dean’s List
Tina Clark Bethany President’s List
Linda Primmer Bethany President’s List
Kaitlin Funston Bethany President’s List
Delaney Johnson Bethany President’s List
Kalynn Teague Bethany President’s List
Miranda Harrison Bondville President’s List
Tiffany King Brazil President’s List
Amanda Koss Brocton President’s List
Elissa Baron Brownstown Honor’s List
Candy Callahan Casey President’s List
Renee Myers Casey President’s List
Alec Brenton Casey President’s List
Drew Stoutin Casey Dean’s List
Calista Taylor Casey Dean’s List
Macy Roberts Casey Honor’s List
Mariah Chino Champaign President’s List
Rebecca Flesner Champaign President’s List
Kristen Rardin Charleston President’s List
Benjamin Tolppanen Charleston President’s List
Stevie Blackwood Charleston President’s List
Allyson Callaway Charleston President’s List
Erika Zytka Charleston President’s List
Presten Lasky Charleston President’s List
Shelby Keller Charleston President’s List
Madeline Roberts Charleston President’s List
Ty Coartney Charleston President’s List
Abigail Held Charleston President’s List
Seun Ikugbayigbe Charleston President’s List
Francesca Diaz Charleston President’s List
Samuel Bickford Charleston President’s List
Savannah Warner Charleston President’s List
Sydney Bennett Charleston President’s List
Benjamin Hess Charleston President’s List
Megan Garrett Charleston President’s List
Grace Spoonhour Charleston President’s List
Lexie Stewart Charleston President’s List
Connor Mellott Charleston President’s List
Dominic Torrepalma Charleston President’s List
Jessi Vanatta Charleston President’s List
Eugene Ohba Charleston President’s List
Jacob Tresslar Charleston President’s List
Bennu Lopez Darg Charleston President’s List
Astrid Sabo Charleston President’s List
Alyiah Pratscher Charleston President’s List
Alexander Pearson Charleston President’s List
Kaylee Wilson Charleston President’s List
Joshua Craig Charleston Dean’s List
Andrea Buell Charleston Honor’s List
Marla Villalobos Charleston Honor’s List
Jacob Plunkett Charleston Honor’s List
Alexys Walls Charleston Honor’s List
Steven Easton Charleston Honor’s List
Klaire Reed Charleston Honor’s List
Lindsey Fore Charleston Honor’s List
Logan Mellott Charleston Honor’s List
Hannah Buescher Charleston Honor’s List
Piper Rhoads Charleston Honor’s List
Madison Morecraft Charleston Honor’s List
Carlen Blase Charleston Honor’s List
Braydon Edwards Charleston Honor’s List
Austin Runge Chester President’s List
Dawn Reed Chicago Honor’s List
Ashley Bartels Cowden President’s List
T’ajanie Brown Decatur President’s List
Donna Hartke Dieterich President’s List
Matthew Hunzinger Dieterich President’s List
Rachel Niemerg Dieterich President’s List
Iva Lilly Dieterich President’s List
Emily Bloemer Dieterich President’s List
Lukus Donaldson Dieterich President’s List
Ethan Weidner Dieterich Honor’s List
Derek Deters Dieterich Honor’s List
Joseph Mitchell East Saint Louis President’s List
James Dudley East Saint Louis President’s List
Andre McGee East Saint Louis President’s List
Richard Lopez East Saint Louis Dean’s List
Jeremy Breckenridge East Saint Louis Dean’s List
Scott Krankel East St Louis President’s List
Tommy Rosser East St Louis President’s List
Jaime Corral East St Louis President’s List
Edvion Mason East St Louis President’s List
Michael Torres East St Louis President’s List
Bartholomew Johnson East St Louis President’s List
Justice Lane East St Louis President’s List
Timothy Breitbarth East St Louis President’s List
Reginald Reeder East St Louis President’s List
Neil Proffer East St Louis President’s List
Darrick Moore East St Louis President’s List
Robert Kopp East St Louis Dean’s List
Damon Gray East St Louis Honor’s List
Exiquio Leyva East St. Louis President’s List
Brandon Seres East St. Louis President’s List
Ryan Thomas East St. Louis President’s List
Shawn Swift East St. Louis Dean’s List
Brandon Hovendon East St. Louis Dean’s List
Stephen Roundtree East St. Louis Dean’s List
Ronald Stallworth East St. Louis Dean’s List
Amy Anzio Edgewood President’s List
Allison Hodges Edgewood President’s List
Hannah Krutsinger Edgewood President’s List
James Garrett Edgewood President’s List
Victoria Caldwell Edgewood Dean’s List
Jessica Roedl Edgewood Honor’s List
Jennifer Smith Effingham President’s List
Rachael Boone Effingham President’s List
Ricarda Helal Effingham President’s List
Matthew Devall Effingham President’s List
Andrea Huebner Effingham President’s List
Donald Henson Effingham President’s List
Brooke Haller Effingham President’s List
Broc Krietemeyer Effingham President’s List
Kaylynn Moeller Effingham President’s List
Allison Will Effingham President’s List
Alyssa Connors Effingham President’s List
Taylen Stanfield Effingham President’s List
Jeffrey Repking Effingham President’s List
Alexandra Seymour Effingham President’s List
Tucker Moeller Effingham President’s List
Olivia Stanfield Effingham President’s List
Colby Minter Effingham President’s List
Kate Hartke Effingham President’s List
Chloe Aden Effingham President’s List
Regan Hopper Effingham President’s List
Andrew Blacker Effingham President’s List
Jacy Boatman Effingham President’s List
Payton Budde Effingham President’s List
Dylan Cunningham Effingham President’s List
Callista Denoyer Effingham President’s List
Mycha Donaldson Effingham President’s List
Morgan Hagler Effingham President’s List
Aidan Lockhart Effingham President’s List
Matthew Loy Effingham President’s List
Logann Mayfield Effingham President’s List
Kara Miller Effingham President’s List
Isabella Nantes Effingham President’s List
Autumn Rinkel Effingham President’s List
Cathryn Schultz Effingham President’s List
Anna Sigg Effingham President’s List
Christian Raddatz Effingham President’s List
Erika White Effingham President’s List
Max Woelfer Effingham President’s List
Jaime Bloemer Effingham President’s List
James Schuette Effingham President’s List
Brody Mette Effingham President’s List
Cassandra Angel Effingham President’s List
Noah Tegeler Effingham President’s List
Edgar Castillo Effingham President’s List
Ryker Schneider Effingham President’s List
Lillian Wise Effingham President’s List
Ashley Bressendorf Effingham President’s List
Alex Meyer Effingham President’s List
Brittany Dowell Effingham Dean’s List
Parshav Amin Effingham Dean’s List
Kage Line Effingham Dean’s List
Nicole Schniederjon Effingham Dean’s List
Cassidy Stanfield Effingham Dean’s List
Brandon Duncan Effingham Dean’s List
Christian Zaragoza Effingham Dean’s List
Misty Snyder Effingham Honor’s List
Nicole Stewart Effingham Honor’s List
Ashley Tappan Effingham Honor’s List
Courtney Gillespie Effingham Honor’s List
Zachary Bierman Effingham Honor’s List
Mackenzie Lewis Effingham Honor’s List
Hunter Petersen Effingham Honor’s List
Kaitlyn Burton Effingham Honor’s List
Trevon Benavides Effingham Honor’s List
Cecilia Castillo Effingham Honor’s List
Tristin Duncan Effingham Honor’s List
Anna Hibdon Effingham Honor’s List
Ethan Huss Effingham Honor’s List
Isabella Kronewitter Effingham Honor’s List
Preston Latch Effingham Honor’s List
Jackson Lee Effingham Honor’s List
Isaiah Rubin Effingham Honor’s List
Zac Slifer Effingham Honor’s List
Ellie Waymoth Effingham Honor’s List
Allison Kowalke Effingham Honor’s List
Jonathon Perry Effingham Honor’s List
Robert Reardon Effingham Honor’s List
Tom Unkraut Effingham Honor’s List
William Unkraut Effingham Honor’s List
Kennan Walsh Effingham Honor’s List
Tabitha Welch Farina President’s List
Fatima Viramontes Farina Dean’s List
Heather Totten Findlay President’s List
Grace Brown Findlay President’s List
Carleigh Bobbett Findlay President’s List
Ciera Perry Findlay President’s List
Cody Gilmore Greenup President’s List
Morgan Scott Greenup President’s List
Hannah Bland Greenup President’s List
Mason Brockett Greenup President’s List
Jordan Armes Greenup President’s List
Julena Price Greenup Dean’s List
Loretta Kingery Greenup Honor’s List
Riannon Neidigh Greenup Honor’s List
Isaac Anderson Harrisburg Dean’s List
Nicholas Miller Herrick Dean’s List
Hailey Persinger Herrick Dean’s List
Mackenzie Blackerby Herrick Dean’s List
Kristen Rake Hidalgo President’s List
Aaliyah Persson Hindsboro President’s List
Amanda McConnell Humboldt President’s List
Michelle Fuller Humboldt President’s List
Tyson Gass Humboldt President’s List
Allison Stapleton Humboldt Honor’s List
Hannah Lindsey Jefferson City Honor’s List
Mason Stults Jewett President’s List
McLain Levine Jewett President’s List
Josie Brown Jewett Honor’s List
Selah Brimner Kansas Honor’s List
Amy Frederick Lakewood President’s List
Darby Moon Lakewood President’s List
Amy Herring Laredo President’s List
Austin Croslow Lerna Honor’s List
Madison Griffy Louisville President’s List
Stephanie Adams Louisville President’s List
Caylee Springmeyer Louisville President’s List
Eleni Woll Marshall President’s List
Nicholas Knowles Marshall President’s List
Drake Vondohlen Marshall President’s List
Owen Smallwood Marshall President’s List
Ian Crouch Marshall President’s List
Ashly Johnson Marshall Dean’s List
Scott Kozloff Marshall Honor’s List
Dylan Stillwell Marshall Honor’s List
Dennette Munson Martinsville Honor’s List
Lexi Bailey Mason President’s List
Trenton Beccue Mason Honor’s List
Keri Cox Mattoon President’s List
Brittany Gammill Mattoon President’s List
Christie McCray-Yop Mattoon President’s List
Charles McKeller Mattoon President’s List
Justin Schumacher Mattoon President’s List
Levi Miller Mattoon President’s List
Jacob Upton Mattoon President’s List
Kylie Dawkins Mattoon President’s List
Tamesha Moss Mattoon President’s List
Dallas DeSherlia Mattoon President’s List
Alexander Hall Mattoon President’s List
Brittany Feast Mattoon President’s List
Tinley Risinger Mattoon President’s List
Joyce Shinholster Mattoon President’s List
Teresa Larouere Mattoon President’s List
Emily Carey Mattoon President’s List
Gabriel McKibben Mattoon President’s List
Gage Beck Mattoon President’s List
Joshua Ramage Mattoon President’s List
Rhiannon Douglas Mattoon President’s List
Shelbi Graven Mattoon President’s List
Heather Ames Mattoon President’s List
Sydney Allee Mattoon President’s List
Matthew Carpenter Mattoon President’s List
Steve Elam Mattoon President’s List
Brittany McCleary Mattoon President’s List
Peyton Trier Mattoon President’s List
Braelynn Barnes Mattoon President’s List
William Rosine Mattoon President’s List
Canyn Borntrager Mattoon President’s List
Alexis Davison Mattoon President’s List
Alexis Donner Mattoon President’s List
Nolan Fogarty Mattoon President’s List
Gavin Gonzalez Mattoon President’s List
Jason Jiang Mattoon President’s List
Kegan Kirts Mattoon President’s List
Gabrielle Smith Mattoon President’s List
Mollie Auer Mattoon President’s List
Xylia Greeson Mattoon President’s List
Kenya Davies Mattoon President’s List
Anna Morton Mattoon President’s List
Andrew Coffey Mattoon President’s List
Amanda Bramham Mattoon President’s List
Maggie Uphoff Mattoon President’s List
Gavin Plummer Mattoon President’s List
Ella Farris Mattoon President’s List
Arissa Warner Mattoon President’s List
Brett Porter Mattoon President’s List
Amanda Chavira Mattoon President’s List
Megan Thomas Mattoon President’s List
Tess Huene Mattoon President’s List
Sean Sanders Mattoon President’s List
Coby Haney Mattoon President’s List
Rosemary Hearn-Rea Mattoon President’s List
Colton Smith Mattoon Dean’s List
Christopher Winograd Mattoon Dean’s List
Cole Rowland Mattoon Dean’s List
LaJewel Harbin Mattoon Dean’s List
Raven Morrison Mattoon Dean’s List
Mackenzie Kirby Mattoon Dean’s List
Callan Haldorsen Mattoon Dean’s List
Lucas Landrus Mattoon Dean’s List
Paula Bly Mattoon Honor’s List
Ginger Gardner Mattoon Honor’s List
Colton Romine Mattoon Honor’s List
Kylie Haacke Mattoon Honor’s List
Lily Carter Mattoon Honor’s List
Laura Stream Mattoon Honor’s List
Katherine Solis Mattoon Honor’s List
Adriana Garza Aleman Mattoon Honor’s List
Jacob Evans Mattoon Honor’s List
Kylie Goostree Mattoon Honor’s List
Xavier Worker Mattoon Honor’s List
Rebecca Croy Mattoon Honor’s List
Nico Scott Mattoon Honor’s List
James Shamdin Mattoon Honor’s List
Elaina Short Mattoon Honor’s List
Pamela Williamson Mattoon Honor’s List
Hannah Schrock Mattoon Honor’s List
Whitley Ames Mattoon Honor’s List
Wade Burton Mattoon Honor’s List
Anthony Montgomery Millersport Honor’s List
Derek Slifer Mode President’s List
Dawson Boys Mode Dean’s List
Ross Hemmen Montrose President’s List
Emily Hall Montrose President’s List
Chloe Jansen Montrose President’s List
Mackenzie Miller Montrose President’s List
Kathryn Helmink Montrose Honor’s List
Calla Hill Neoga President’s List
Madeline Morrison Neoga President’s List
Lauren Romack Neoga President’s List
Rylee Peterson Neoga President’s List
Eve Brown Neoga President’s List
Valerie Harvey Neoga Honor’s List
Amanda Zuber Newton President’s List
Daniel Clark Normal President’s List
Alicia McQueen Oakland President’s List
Isabel Houk Oakland Honor’s List
Jessica Parrott Oblong Dean’s List
Joni Morrison Pana President’s List
Ashton Seaton Pana President’s List
Jacob Garman Pana President’s List
Kayla Horton Pana President’s List
Cayla Harlow Pana President’s List
Hannah Hopper Pana President’s List
Leandra Jophlin Pana President’s List
Jessica Gruber Pana President’s List
Sean Adams Pana President’s List
Adelyne Deere Pana President’s List
Boone Elledge Pana President’s List
Brock Schoonover Pana President’s List
Gabriel Wafford Pana President’s List
Katelyn Townsend Pana President’s List
Nic Fry Pana President’s List
Naomi Gorenz Pana President’s List
Chandler Hankins Pana President’s List
Kassie Weideman Pana President’s List
Christen Ruot Pana Honor’s List
Andrea Ambrose Pana Honor’s List
Cameron Cloe Pana Honor’s List
Drake Spracklen Pana Honor’s List
Bailey Suter Pana Honor’s List
Gage Brown Pana Honor’s List
Shelby Edwards Pana Honor’s List
Wyatt Pauley Pana Honor’s List
Thomas Barnes Paris President’s List
Brandon Foster Paris President’s List
Makenzie Tegeler Paris President’s List
Kristopher Reed Paris President’s List
Raymond Lin Paris President’s List
Joshua Strow Paris Dean’s List
Tiffany Buckner Paris Dean’s List
Austin Keys Paris Honor’s List
Camille Hunt Ramsey President’s List
Chloe Hill Ramsey President’s List
Matthew Lay Ramsey President’s List
Brenna Hayes Ramsey President’s List
Makayla Cook Ramsey President’s List
Melany Challans Ramsey President’s List
Addison Eddy Ramsey President’s List
Taylen Wesselman Ramsey Honor’s List
Hannah Barding Ramsey Honor’s List
Chris Calderini Raymond President’s List
Mary Hyatt Redmon President’s List
Coley Carwell Saint Charles Honor’s List
Baylee Scholes Saint Elmo President’s List
Edith Peacock Saint Joseph Honor’s List
Katie Smith Saint Peter President’s List
Jade Fancher Saint Peter Honor’s List
Christopher Bullock Shelbyville President’s List
Ashley Kite Shelbyville President’s List
Toni Miller Shelbyville President’s List
Bridgette Lockhart Shelbyville President’s List
Megan Martin Shelbyville President’s List
Kelcie Darnell Shelbyville President’s List
William Frederick Shelbyville President’s List
Emma Cook Shelbyville President’s List
James Burrell Shelbyville President’s List
Blake Hayden Shelbyville Dean’s List
Megan Agney Shelbyville Honor’s List
Destiney Ragan Shelbyville Honor’s List
Hannah Firnhaber Shelbyville Honor’s List
Emily Hicks Shelbyville Honor’s List
Steven Gordon Shelbyville Honor’s List
Jared Miller Shelbyville Honor’s List
Abigail Pfeiffer Shelbyville Honor’s List
Nadine Ray Shumway Dean’s List
Lexie Niebrugge Sigel President’s List
Kristin Hardesty Staunton President’s List
Luke Porter Stewardson President’s List
Whitney Kalber Strasburg President’s List
Kristina Moore Strasburg President’s List
Hayleigh Duncan Strasburg Dean’s List
Maggie Kelly Strasburg Dean’s List
Grace Rincker Strasburg Dean’s List
Morgan Greuel Strasburg Honor’s List
Amanda Freese Sullivan President’s List
Tanya Hendrix Sullivan President’s List
Larry Gregory Sullivan President’s List
Madison Wall Sullivan President’s List
Emilee Elder Sullivan President’s List
Jerralee Goad Sullivan President’s List
Eleanor Diepholz Sullivan Dean’s List
Noah Bates Sullivan Honor’s List
Tabitha Kay Sullivan Honor’s List
Grace Yantis Sullivan Honor’s List
Maurice Reynolds Sumner President’s List
Sarah Keith Terre Haute Honor’s List
Andrew Goldstein Teutopolis President’s List
Lily Hemmen Teutopolis President’s List
Diana Mossman Teutopolis President’s List
Benjamin Kitten Teutopolis President’s List
Megan McMahon Teutopolis President’s List
Molly Niemerg Teutopolis President’s List
Caroline Beckman Teutopolis President’s List
Brock Vogt Teutopolis President’s List
Amy Goeckner Teutopolis Honor’s List
Keila Newlin Teutopolis Honor’s List
Briana Wernsing Teutopolis Honor’s List
Andrew Cole Toledo President’s List
Hayden Kanizer Toledo President’s List
Allyson Maynard Toledo President’s List
Matthew Shull Toledo Honor’s List
Jaykob Archer Toledo Honor’s List
Breanne White Tower Hill President’s List
Alex Crawford Tower Hill President’s List
Dean Link Tower Hill President’s List
Mindi Cravens Tower Hill Honor’s List
Christopher Christian Tower Hill Honor’s List
Kaleb French Trilla Dean’s List
Ryan Salmon Tuscola President’s List
Mackenzi Bowles Tuscola Honor’s List
Taylor Armstrong Watson President’s List
Savannah Harris Watson President’s List
Theresa Hollinshead Watson Honor’s List
Adam Tarr Watson Honor’s List
Samantha Hicks Watson Honor’s List
Kinsey Koester Watson Honor’s List
Scott Fleenor Windsor President’s List
Robert Brown Windsor Honor’s List
Jonathan Belcher Honor’s List
Randy Mboma Honor’s List
Ana Russell President’s List
Conner Strode Dean’s List
Delainey Bryant President’s List
Macie Fleshner President’s List
Jayden Macklin Honor’s List
Emilee Kuhn Honor’s List



Lake Land College to host Love a Laker Giving Week

Posted on February 9, 2021

The Lake Land College Foundation and Alumni Association will host Love a Laker, a weeklong giving event, from Feb. 14 to Feb. 20. The event will introduce a new giving platform.

Donations will go toward helping deserving students achieve their educational goals via scholarships and other financial assistance opportunities.

“We are looking forward to seeing how everyone will come together and participate,” Alumni Engagement & Special Events Coordinator Amanda Tucker said. “Every little bit counts toward helping provide the resources students need through giving and scholarships.”

Each donation will bring the campaign closer to the $10,000 goal, no matter the size. To stay up to date on the weeklong event, follow the Lake Land College Foundation & Alumni Facebook page. Even those who cannot contribute financially can join in by sharing information about Love A Laker via social media.

Within the new platform, donors will have the options to donate any amount, designate the gift to a specific area and to give anonymously if desired.

The Foundation offers many different methods of giving including online giving, gift planning, endowed gifts, matched gifts, gifts via test message or check and others.

To make a difference in the life of a Lake Land College student, contribute safely and securely by calling 217-234-5363 or visiting lakelandcollege.edu/foundation/giving/.

TRIO Destination College partners with former NFL player for virtual assembly

Posted on January 25, 2021

The TRIO Destination College program partnered with motivational speaker Harvie Herrington to provide the program’s first-ever virtual assembly to the schools served by TRIO DC on Jan. 8. Brownstown, Cowden-Herrick, Ramsey and St. Elmo schools all took advantage of the virtual leadership assembly.

Pictured is a virtual meeting including Harvie Herrington with TRIO DC members.

Herrington spoke to students about self-leadership, overcoming adversity and the importance of setting goals and having a dream.

“We should all have the burning desire to push our limits,” Herrington said.

Herrington is a former NFL player and published author of the book 80/20 Rule.
Herrington speaks on many subjects, such as leadership, professional development, dream building, personality insights, bullying, personality profiles, the meaning of failure, self-esteem and giftedness.

The TRIO DC staff members said they are excited to continue working with Herrington, who will be offering a virtual leadership workshop series to all TRIO DC high school student members.

Herrington’s leadership workshop will be held during weekly TRIO DC meetings at 3:30 p.m. on February 9, 16 and 23. via Google Meet. Those interested can contact a TRIO DC advisor for more information or to RSVP. Students who RSVP for the event will receive a signed copy of Herrington’s book.

TRIO DC works with junior high and high school students to provide academic, career and financial counseling to its participants and encourages students to graduate from high school and continue on to complete post-secondary education.

TRIO DC serves more than 600 students in grades 6-12 annually to overcome barriers to college and provide resources and assistance help members reach the college and careers of their choice. The project is fully funded by a U.S. Department of Education grant and hosted by Lake Land College.

TRIO DC staff visit schools to hold workshops and meet with students, take participants on college tours, and assist students in completing college and financial aid applications.

TRIO Destination College staff members work collaboratively with partner schools, parents, teachers, counselors and community outreach organizations to best serve members. The schools served include Brownstown, Casey-Westfield, Cowden-Herrick, Mattoon, Pana, Paris, Ramsey and St. Elmo.

For more information, contact TRIO DC at 217-234-5003 or triodc@lakelandcollege.edu or visit lakelandcollege.edu/triodc.

Fall 2020 Lake Land College Graduates Announced

Posted on January 22, 2021

Lake Land College is pleased to announce the students who graduated following completion of the Fall 2020 semester. The graduates are:

First Name Last Name City Degree Degree Title
Allison Flanagan Allerton Associate in Arts Criminal Justice
Patricia Childress Altamont Certificate Massage Therapy
Betsy Daugherty Altamont Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
August Laatsch Altamont Associate in Arts Business
Quinton Milleville Altamont Certificate Welding Technology
Emma Johns Arcola Certificate Cosmetology
Colten Melton Arthur Associate in Applied Science Paraprofessional Educator
Carli Bridgeforth Ashmore Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Shania Galbreath Ashmore Associate in Applied Science Early Childhood Care and Education
Phillip Humphreys Ashmore Associate in Arts Business
Amanda Matheny Ashmore Associate in Applied Science Medical Coding and Health Information
Amanda Matheny Ashmore Certificate Medical Coding Specialist
Dawn Robison Ashmore Certificate Cosmetology
Dana Wetzel Ashmore Associate in Applied Science Medical Coding and Health Information
Mackenzie Wilson Ashmore Certificate Cosmetology
Megan Fifer Atwood Associate in Arts Sociology/Social Work
Jessica Prichard Beecher City Certificate Accounting
Hayley Carlson Bethany Certificate Management
Emilee Elder Bethany Certificate Cosmetology
Elizabeth Herbord Bethany Associate in Arts Political Science
Justin Norris Bethany Associate in Arts Pre-Nursing
Justin Norris Bethany Associate in Liberal Studies
Race Underwood Bethany Associate in Applied Science IT-Programming
David Hughes Brownstown Associate in Applied Science Welding
David Hughes Brownstown Certificate Welding Technology
Sierra Duvall Casey Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Baylee Scott Casey Associate in Arts Criminal Justice
Logan Stutesman Casey Associate in Applied Science Early Childhood Care and Education
Rebecca Flesner Champaign Associate in Applied Science Medical Coding and Health Information
Rebecca Flesner Champaign Certificate Medical Coding Specialist
Colby Chaney Charleston Certificate Basic Welding
Teigan Craft Charleston Associate in Liberal Studies
Steven Easton Charleston Associate in Liberal Studies
Andrea Fasig Charleston Certificate Medical Coding Specialist
Chelsie Gast Charleston Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Chase Hayward Charleston Associate in Arts Criminal Justice
Wade Hudson Charleston Associate in Science Bioscience Non-Teaching
Rachel Hunter Charleston Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Brenda Jones Charleston Associate in Applied Science Marketing/Management
Kayla Jones Charleston Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Lana Keigley Charleston Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Cole Limes Charleston Associate in Applied Science Civil Engineering Technology
Jase Miller Charleston Certificate IT-Computer Game Development
Whitney Montz Charleston Associate in Arts Business
Larry Parke Charleston Associate in Applied Science Management
Larry Parke Charleston Certificate Entrepreneurship
Larry Parke Charleston Certificate Management
Larry Parke Charleston Certificate Professional Sales
Larry Parke Charleston Certificate Business Development
Larry Parke Charleston Certificate Marketing
Kristen Rardin Charleston Associate in Arts English
Madeline Roberts Charleston Associate in Arts Business
Kyle Stutes Charleston Associate in Applied Science Management
Kyle Stutes Charleston Certificate Management
Kyle Stutes Charleston Certificate Business Development
Kyle Stutes Charleston Certificate Marketing
Koltin Winnett Charleston Associate in Arts Business
Erin Wheeler Chrisman Associate in Applied Science Management
Erin Wheeler Chrisman Certificate Management
Erin Wheeler Chrisman Certificate Professional Sales
Erin Wheeler Chrisman Certificate Accounting
Erin Wheeler Chrisman Certificate Business Development
Jacqueline Johnston Cowden Associate in Applied Science Medical Coding and Health Information
Austin Einhorn Dieterich Associate in Science Pre-Engineering
Shannon Bergmann Effingham Associate in Arts Criminal Justice
Katherine Blickem Effingham Associate in Arts Psychology
Jaime Bloemer Effingham Certificate Massage Therapy
Lakrisha Brown Effingham Associate in Applied Science Medical Assistant
Lakrisha Brown Effingham Certificate Medical Assistant
Gage Franklin Effingham Associate in Arts Business
Chloe Funneman Effingham Associate in Arts Pre-Nursing
Colby Heaton Effingham Associate in Arts Business
Ali Hetzel Effingham Associate in Arts Business
Cooper Jackson Effingham Associate in Arts Business
Hannah Koester Effingham Associate in Arts Other Major
Luke Koester Effingham Associate in Arts Business
Collin Kreke Effingham Associate in Arts Business
Brianna Larson Effingham Certificate Cosmetology
Ty Morrissey Effingham Associate in Arts Business
Hunter Petersen Effingham Associate in Arts Elementary Education
Josh Renner Effingham Associate in Applied Science Electronics Systems Specialist
Brianna Shelby Effingham Associate in Applied Science Medical Assistant
Lori Shoemaker Effingham Associate in Arts Criminal Justice
Klarissa Vogt Effingham Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Clark Williamson Effingham Associate in Science Pre-Engineering
Jacob Zimmerman Effingham Associate in Arts Business
Krista Borders Flora Certificate Basic Nursing Assistant
Makenna Mette Flora Associate in Arts Sociology/Social Work
Glody Kasweka Fort Worth Associate in Applied Science Mechanical-Electrical Technology
Loretta Kingery Greenup Associate in Applied Science IT-Programming
Micah Zucco Greenup Certificate Cosmetology
Morgan Pierson Hidalgo Associate in Arts Early Childhood Education
Aaliyah Persson Hindsboro Associate in Arts Early Childhood Education
Taylor Dallas Humboldt Associate in Applied Science Management
Taylor Dallas Humboldt Certificate Management
Taylor Dallas Humboldt Certificate Entrepreneurship
Taylor Dallas Humboldt Certificate Professional Sales
Taylor Dallas Humboldt Certificate Business Development
Taylor Dallas Humboldt Certificate Marketing
Ryan Jordan Humboldt Associate in Arts Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Amanda McConnell Humboldt Associate in Applied Science Accounting
Riley Weinstock Humboldt Associate in Science Bioscience Non-Teaching
Jacqueline Johnston Kansas Certificate Medical Coding Specialist
Amy Frederick Lakewood Certificate Medical Coding Specialist
Nicole Owens Lakewood Associate in Arts Business
Lindsey Dunlap Mansfield Associate in Arts Business
Yazmin Guy Marshall Associate in Applied Science Human Services-Dietetics
Cortney Spencer Marshall Associate in Arts Business
Jacob Atkinson Mattoon Associate in Arts Secondary Education-Biology
Jonathan Belcher Mattoon Certificate Basic Welding
Trenton Butler Mattoon Associate in Arts Psychology
Stephanie Cockrum Mattoon Associate in Arts Business
Kelly Cook Mattoon Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Keri Cox Mattoon Certificate Massage Therapy
Lindzie Douglas Mattoon Associate in Applied Science Human Services – Psychology
Nathaniel Duhamell Mattoon Associate in Applied Science IT-Network Administration
Ciera Effner Mattoon Associate in Arts Psychology
Dalton Fain Mattoon Associate in Applied Science Management
Dalton Fain Mattoon Certificate Business Development
Dalton Fain Mattoon Certificate Management
Dalton Fain Mattoon Certificate Professional Sales
Dalton Fain Mattoon Certificate Marketing
Nicole Febus Mattoon Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Thomas Gambill Mattoon Associate in Applied Science Mechanical-Electrical Technology
Silvey Gardner Mattoon Associate in Arts Elementary Education
Merideth Goodwin Mattoon Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Katie Haifley Mattoon Certificate Business Development
Lauren Haskins Mattoon Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Rosemary Hearn-Rea Mattoon Certificate Basic Welding
Kayla Kepley Mattoon Associate in Arts Criminal Justice
Christie McCray-Yop Mattoon Associate in Applied Science Medical Coding and Health Information
Christie McCray-Yop Mattoon Certificate Medical Coding Specialist
Nikita Mellor Mattoon Associate in Arts Criminal Justice
Michael Mriscin Mattoon Certificate TV Field/Studio Production
Michael Mriscin Mattoon Certificate IT-Digital Media Specialist
Kristin Pearcy Mattoon Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Julie Rose Mattoon Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
William Rosine Mattoon Certificate Basic Welding
Joeleigh Rutledge Mattoon Associate in Arts Agriculture Transfer
Gillian Sanders Mattoon Associate in Arts Criminal Justice
Alexander Shoot Mattoon Associate in Applied Science Management
Alexander Shoot Mattoon Certificate Management
Alexander Shoot Mattoon Certificate Entrepreneurship
Alexander Shoot Mattoon Certificate Business Development
Alexander Shoot Mattoon Certificate Marketing
Carmen Simshauser-Brown Mattoon Associate in Applied Science Medical Assistant
Jamie Stokes Mattoon Associate in Arts Business
Elijah Toothman Mattoon Associate in Applied Science Broadcast Communication
Elijah Toothman Mattoon Certificate Radio Broadcasting
Carrie Warman Mattoon Associate in Arts Business
Lisa Weber Mattoon Associate in Applied Science Human Services – Psychology
Bethany Wilson Mattoon Associate in Arts Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Brooke Wilson Mattoon Associate in Arts Communication Studies
Nashlynn Mathias Moweaqua Associate in Arts Liberal Arts
Blair Banning Neoga Associate in Applied Science Medical Assistant
Joshua Fraser Neoga Associate in Arts Undecided
Andrew Polston Neoga Associate in Applied Science IT-Network Administration
Jack Michl Newton Certificate Computer Technician
Amanda Zuber Newton Associate in Applied Science Medical Coding and Health Information
Amanda Zuber Newton Certificate Medical Coding Specialist
Deanna Johnson Nokomis Certificate Medical Coding Specialist
Andrea Ambrose Pana Associate in Arts Pre-Nursing
Camryn Burris Pana Associate in Arts Business
Adam Akers Paris Associate in Applied Science Welding
Adam Akers Paris Certificate Welding Technology
Michelle Ball Paris Certificate Medical Coding Specialist
Amy Bell Paris Certificate Medical Coding Specialist
Wendi Cline Paris Associate in Applied Science Accounting
Wendi Cline Paris Certificate Accounting
Cortney Palardy Paris Associate in Arts Business
Daniel Paulo Baptista Paris Associate in Arts Business
Benjamin Randolph Paris Associate in Applied Science Electronics Engineering Technology
Brady Stone Paris Associate in Arts Physical Education
Candace Washburn Ramsey Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Stephanie Goldsborough Saint Elmo Associate in Applied Science Medical Assistant
Mary Butts Saint Peter Associate in Arts Criminal Justice
Amanda Cowen Shelbyville Associate in Arts Business
Nequel Destulien Shelbyville Certificate Residential Wiring
Sydnie Helton Shelbyville Certificate Cosmetology
Destiony Phillips Shelbyville Associate in Arts Psychology
Destiony Phillips Shelbyville Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Destiony Phillips Shelbyville Associate in Liberal Studies
Owen Ray Shelbyville Associate in Applied Science IT-Network Administration
Rhonda Ruff Shelbyville Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Emily Smith Shelbyville Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Danielle Brucker Sibley Associate in Arts Business
Christine Hoene Sigel Associate in Applied Science Horticulture Production and Landscape
Christine Hoene Sigel Associate in Applied Science Agriculture Business and Supply
Jenelle Vogt Sigel Associate in Arts Psychology
Raina Rincker Strasburg Associate in Arts English
Olivia Telgmann Strasburg Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Madison Dane Sullivan Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Tanya Hendrix Sullivan Certificate Management
Tanya Hendrix Sullivan Certificate Accounting
Dylan Holt Sullivan Associate in Science Conservation/Pre-Wildlife
Caitlin Howard Sullivan Associate in Arts Psychology
Robert Russell Sullivan Certificate Computer Technician
Zach Sowers Sullivan Associate in Science Environmental Science
Spencer Tinder Sullivan Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Hunter Trussell Sullivan Associate in Arts Psychology
Brett Wilhelm Sullivan Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Samantha Wood Sullivan Certificate Cosmetology
Chelsey Meinhart Teutopolis Associate in Arts Business
Kyele Mossman Teutopolis Associate in Arts Pre-Nursing
Rachel Weber Teutopolis Associate in Applied Science Associate Degree Nurse
Hannah Eggers Toledo Associate in Applied Science Accounting
Hannah Eggers Toledo Certificate Management
Hannah Eggers Toledo Certificate Accounting
Christopher Christian Tower Hill Certificate Basic Welding
Ashley Deere Tower Hill Associate in Arts Liberal Arts
Erin Gahimer Vermilion Associate in Arts Liberal Arts
Paige Dalzell Villa Grove Certificate Cosmetology
Meghan Ghast Westfield Associate in Applied Science Paramedical Services

Lake Land College to host Nursing Virtual Information Week

Posted on January 13, 2021

Lake Land College will host a Nursing Virtual Information Week Jan. 25 through Jan. 28. Attendees will learn why Lake Land’s Nursing programs are ranked third in the state, as well as the various options for a nursing career.

The informational sessions are customized to meet the interests of those considering a career in healthcare to those who have been working in the nursing field for years and would like to advance in their careers.

The first session gives associate degree nursing students and associate degree nurses the opportunity to hear from nursing faculty members on options for completing a Bachelor of Science Nursing through completion and dual enrollment programs. The ADN to BSN session will take place at 6 p.m. Jan. 25.

By attending the second session, current licensed practical nurses (LPN) can hear from nursing faculty members on the admissions process for the Associate Degree Nurse program. This PN to ADN Admissions Process session will be at 6 p.m. Jan. 26.

Those who attend the third event will hear from nursing faculty members on the admissions process and learn why Nursing Explorer ranked Lake Land College’s nursing programs third in the state. This event is intended for prospective students. The event will take place at 6 p.m. Jan. 27.

The final session will be a chance for high school students who have applied through the Partnership for College and Career Success program to hear from Lake Land College nursing faculty members on the admissions process for the Associate Degree Nurse program. Students eligible for the program have received invitation letters for the event and are encouraged to attend. This event will be at 6 p.m. Jan. 28.

To register for one of the sessions, visit lakelandcollege.edu/visit.

There is still time to enroll!

Posted on December 23, 2020

There’s still time to enroll for Spring!

Even though the college is closed through Jan. 3, 2021, there are several things you can check off your to-do list.

  • You can take the first step now by completing your intent to enroll at lakelandcollege.edu/enroll.
  • While you wait, check out our new Career Coach tool. This online resource is a way to connect interests to careers and majors.
  • You can also take a virtual tour of campus, which includes a 360-degree experience. Start exploring today here.
  • Remember to take a look at the many scholarship opportunities we have available! Click here for more information. Applications are due Feb. 1.

When we return on Jan. 4, faculty and staff will be available virtually, or in some cases in person by appointment, to assist you. Visit lakelandcollege.edu/offices-and-services/ to connect with us beginning Jan. 4!

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