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Lake Land College introduces new medical assistant completion program

Posted on September 30, 2021

Lake Land College recently introduced a medical assistant completion program for those who have a Certified Medical Assistant certificate from somewhere other than Lake Land College and would like to earn an associate degree as a medical assistant.

“This is a great opportunity for people already working in this field to advance their careers,” Medical Assistant Program Instructor and Director of the Medical Assistant Program Molly Yeske said.

The program offers students the opportunity to earn an associate degree as a medical assistant based upon qualifications they have already earned elsewhere. As a current student in the program, Rhonda Lambes said she was extremely grateful for the opportunity to further her professional training.

“I knew right away that this scenario was about as perfect as it gets,” Lambes said. “I knew I had to do this for myself.”

Another student, Jami Duffy, said she decided to enroll in the program for her own personal gain as well as to inspire her employees. Duffy recently took on an administrative position in her workplace, and she said she felt compelled to lead her employees by example.

“It says a lot about someone’s dedication to their employer and employment when they are willing to invest in their education,” Duffy said.

Not only are graduates of the program more likely to have a broader range of employment opportunities, they can also become more well-versed and marketable with their abilities and even earn pay or position raises in some situations.

For more information about how to get involved in the program, contact Yeske at 217-234-5055 or



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