Photo I.D. Cards

In accordance with Board Policy 11.27 – Photo ID Cards, the College will maintain a photo identification system for students and staff and faculty members for the purpose of identification and access to various campus services, programs and facilities.

  1. Students must be registered at Lake Land College, and faculty and staff members must be currently employed at Lake Land College.
  2. A valid picture ID is required to obtain a College ID Card.
  3. The original College ID Card will be issued without cost to the student and staff and faculty member. ID Cards which need to be replaced because of a malfunction or because of a change in the name or identification number will be reissued at no charge. A replacement fee will be charged for all other reissued ID Cards.
  4. ID Cards are to be carried while on campus or at branch facilities.
  5. Students shall present their ID Cards when requested by a Lake Land College official in the performance of his/her duties. College officials shall identify themselves and state the reason for requesting identification.
  6. The College ID Card will remain valid as long as the holder continues his/her specific affiliation with the College.
  7. All ID Cards remain the property of Lake Land College.
  8. The ID card is not transferable. Any misuse, alteration or fabrication of the ID card will subject the holder to disciplinary action by the College.
  9. The College shall not be liable for any loss, cost, damage or expense, whether physical, financial or otherwise, suffered or incurred by individuals in connection with, or in any way relating to, the use or attempted use of an ID card by the holder or any third party.

Photo IDs will be taken at the Lake Land College Bookstore from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (Monday through Thursday during the summer).  Special dates, times and locations can be found on the Laker calendar.