Student Guide to Addressing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct

Lake Land College is committed to maintaining a working and learning environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Faculty, staff and students have a right to work and learn in an atmosphere that promotes equal opportunity and prohibits discriminatory practices such as harassment. Employees and students are encouraged to report all incidents of harassment. (See Board Policy 11.04 – Discrimination and Harassment.)

Sexual misconduct is considered to be a form of harassment. All reports of sexual harassment are investigated and acted upon in accordance with Lake Land College Board Policy 11.04.01 – Prohibiting Sex-Based Misconduct. This guide provides the procedures set forth to implement Board Policy 11.04.01.

For immediate assistance if you (or a friend) have been a victim of sexual assault

You may call the Sexual Assault and Counseling Information Services Crisis Hotline at 800-345-2846 for assistance. You may also dial 911 to contact the Lake Land College or local police department. If you choose to report the sexual assault, you should go to the hospital emergency room before washing yourself or your clothing. You do not need to go through the situation alone – a friend, relative or crisis center representative can accompany and support you.

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Procedures Implementing the College’s Policy Prohibiting Sex-Based Misconduct (Board Policy 11.04.01)

Concise Notification of Rights and Options Following an Act of Sex-Based Misconduct