Award Nominations

Alumnus Achievement/Distinguished Alumnus Award

The Board of Trustees will present annually an Alumnus Achievement Award to an individual who has attained outstanding success and distinction in his or her field of endeavor; has gained favorable statewide or national recognition, or has performed service which has proven beneficial to society.

The recipient must hold a certificate and/or a degree from Lake Land College and be active in the endeavor in which he or she has achieved distinction.
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Distinguished Alumni Society

The Distinguished Alumni Society recognizes alumni who have utilized the Lake Land experience to make an imprint on their profession or community. An alumnus is anyone who has graduated from Lake Land College or has taken classes.
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Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is designed for individuals whose exemplary service and contributions have benefited Lake Land College or its affiliated organizations (Foundation, Departments, Advisory Committees, Student Organizations, etc.). Present paid members of the faculty and staff and current members of the Board of Trustees are not eligible for these awards. Click here to nominate for the Distinguished Service Award

Golden Apple Award

The Lake Land College Alumni Association Participation Golden Apple Award is made annually to an individual/business or organization, who over the past year, helped the Alumni Association achieve community recognition and accomplish their goals.

Members of the Lake Land College Alumni Association Board of Directors or Alumni staff may nominate an individual, business, or organization who has:

  1. Demonstrated commitment and dedication to helping the Alumni Association accomplish its goals
  2. Unselfishly given of his or her time to promote Association activities
  3. Provided material and/or financial resources to further Association efforts

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Pacesetter Award (ICCTA)

The Pacesetter Award recognizes the accomplishments of Illinois’ more recent community college graduations.

Nominees must have completed a recognized program of instruction (including dual credit courses) or attended at least 30 semester hours at an Illinois public community college.
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Retiree Wall of Fame

The Board of Trustees will recognize on an annual basis, if individuals are so recommended, retired faculty and staff who have made significant contributions to the College and/or who have made contributions through their profession or community at the local, state, regional, or national level that reflect positively on Lake Land College.

The recipient of Wall of Fame status must have been employed at Lake Land for a minimum of 15 years and must have been separated from his or her SURS-eligible position for a minimum of 5 years.
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