Career Day – Counselors

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Log In


Both the school and the individual students need to register. Under “Log In” above select your school in the drop down box. In the password box, use the password that was provided to you in your counselor packet you received in the mail. If your school is not listed or you did not receive your password, please contact Michelle Zumbahlen at 217-234-5230 or mzumbahlen4077@lakelandcollege.edu.

Once you are logged in, complete the registration information – contact name, email, attendance information – as it is required before you can move on. You will be asked to enter the number of students attending upon your first log in only. If you are unsure, an estimate is fine. This helps us record attendance and plan accordingly.

Your login information enables you to access several areas exclusively available to counselors. Once you are logged in, you can use the “Things you can do” links to do the following:

  • Display student user names and passwords – use this function to remind your students of the information they entered in case they forget.
  • Report of registered presentations for students – review a report of all students and the sessions for which they are registered. This feature will show you if the student is not registered for all the sessions during the event.
    NOTE: Students will receive a warning if they are not registered for all of the sessions available; however, the registration system will not require them to register for all sessions. If a student has to leave the event early, he or she may not register for all the sessions. We appreciate your help in prompting them to register for sessions for each hour they are in attendance. Please encourage them to attend the sessions for which they registered on the day of the event.
  • Report of all presentations offered – see a list of every presentation offered during the day.

Students should register only once. If they forget their information and register again, it may cause problems with the registration system. If they are having problems logging in, make sure they are using the exact username and password they initially registered with. You can view their information via the “Display student names and passwords” link described above.


The schedule for the day as well as school group assignments can be found here.

Students are asked to print and bring their schedules. Students that do not have a schedule should report to the Field House upon arrival to have their schedules printed. If you have students that are not registered, we can help register them for sessions that still have availability. Registration remains open through the event. However, students are encouraged to register as early as possible to get their preferred schedule.

The College Fair is held from 9:30-11:30. For more information on the College Fair including a complete list of colleges represented and additional details, visit the College Fair page. Students should also print their StriveScan barcode for the College Fair.

Session Codes

Each session has a unique code that presenters will announce verbally. Students can write the codes on their schedules so that you can track their attendance. The list of codes will be printed and available to you at the event. This list can also be emailed to you, if needed. Some presenters sign the schedule instead of providing codes.

Hospitality Room

A hospitality room for counselors, chaperones and bus drivers is located in Webb Hall 081. Due to the College’s current pandemic safety protocols, we are unable to provide food in the hospitality room this year.

Other Considerations

Please remind students to dress according to the weather and be prepared to walk. If any special accommodations are needed, contact Michelle Zumbahlen at 217-234-5230 or mzumbahlen4077@lakelandcollege.edu.

The emergency alert system will conduct its monthly test on this day at 10:00 a.m.

Current Pandemic Response Safety Protocols

The following pandemic response safety protocols are currently in effect and will be observed for this year’s Career Day event:

  • Masks covering the nose and mouth will be required for all individuals at all times while inside campus buildings, regardless of vaccination status. Masks can be removed in designated eating areas on campus.
  • While outdoors, vaccinated individuals may remove their masks, while unvaccinated individuals should wear a mask when social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • To support compliance with indoor mask requirements, food or drink will not be allowed at College events or gatherings held on campus or in college facilities.
  • Food and drink will be allowed at designated eating areas identified at Laker Point, Second Story of the Virgil Judge Learning Resource Center/Library, West Building 060 and the commons area of the Workforce Development Center. Several picnic areas throughout campus are also available for outdoor eating.