Career Day – Students

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Don’t have an account? Create one here. If you have forgotten your login or password, please ask your school counselor.


Upon first visit, you will need to create an account. Fill in all the information and create a username and password. Select a username and password that you can remember. When your account is successfully created, the system will prompt you to log in with your username and password. After the first visit, you may use these credentials to log in above to make changes.

On the right-hand side of the screen, you can hover over divisions to see what topics are available. We have also utilized the Career Clusters here to provide you with common themes and interests related to careers.

You must register for either one 50-minute session or two 20-minute sessions per hour of attendance. The sessions are on top of each other, so you must scroll down to see the second round of offerings. In particular, if you have a division open, you might need to click on it again to close it. You will only see sessions that are available during your designated time of attendance for the event. If the red”Add” button is not available next to a session, that means the session is full or you are already registered for a session during that time. If you wish to register for the session but are already in a session during that time, you may unregister from your original session and register for the desired session.

Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation that you have successfully registered for all sessions. Then, you may click on the “Print your schedule” button and have your schedule ready to go for the day!

College Fair

The College Fair is held from 9:30-11:30. You will have a designated time of 25 minutes to attend the fair either before or after your sessions. You may also register to attend the College Fair as one of your sessions if you wish to have more time to explore this component of the day.

You are encouraged to use StriveScan to connect with colleges in attendance quickly and easily. You register for free, and a barcode will be texted and emailed to you immediately. You should print and bring your session schedule and StriveScan barcode to the event. Colleges can scan your barcode and get access to your information instantly rather than spending time filling out contact paperwork.

For more information on the College Fair including a complete list of colleges represented and more details, visit the College Fair page.

Additional Tips

  • Dress according to the weather and be prepared to walk. If any special accommodations are needed, contact Peighton Hinote at 217-234-5230 or
  • Attend the specific sessions for which you are registered.
  • Each session has a unique code that presenters will announce verbally. You can write the codes on your schedule so that your chaperone can track your attendance.
  • Ask for help and directions! There will be student helpers throughout campus that want to help you. There will also be extra signage throughout campus during the event.
  • The emergency alert system will conduct its monthly test on this day at 10:00 a.m.